Dealing with Late Stage Design Changes Using the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension

Dealing with late stage design changes using PTC Creo FMX

Last week, I discussed how the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) makes working with imported CAD data much easier.

Today, I will discuss the challenges of accommodating late stage design changes and how PTC Creo FMX can help.

Product Development teams everywhere need to deal with late stage design changes. These can come from various sources: customers can request changes late in the product development process, unplanned engineering change orders can come in for products that are already released, and even new regulation may cause disruptive changes.

Late stage changes can be a major time sink and many teams solve these challenges by starting over and recreating existing data from scratch. According to a PTC survey of over 7,000 manufactures, nearly 40% of people experience dramatic or multiple last-minute changes. Furthermore, designers require the capability to easily implement changes to designs that contain outdated or poor design intent. From the same survey, it was reported that 59% of engineers have difficulty modifying models created by others, even if they were created in the same CAD system. Let’s examine how PTC Creo FMX helps with late stage design changes in more detail:

Make Fast Changes to Models.
PTC Creo FMX combines the best of parametric and direct modeling into one CAD tool. The wide array of geometry selection and editing tools enables you to make design changes quickly. These include robust capabilities to handle complex geometry and rounds ensuring overall model integrity is maintained.

These tools eliminate the need to investigate and rework design in rigidly defined parametric models. You can also leverage direct editing features to override parametric constraints and design intent if needed.

PTC Creo FMX captures these direct edits as editable features in the model tree ensuring that they can be further modified or even reversed.

Recognize, Add, or Capture Design Intent
PTC Creo FMX can intelligently recognize design intent (even from imported models) and includes the ability to identify and modify patterns and symmetric geometry, making it easy to propagate several changes all at once. This saves you time by eliminating the need to recreate geometry.

As you can see, the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension gives you significant flexibility to accommodate late stage design changes delivering a significant productivity boost. Have a look at our video to see these capabilities in action:

Next week, we will discuss how PTC Creo FMX can help streamline the process of preparing models for analysis.

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