Emer SpA Turns Engines Green with PTC Solutions

Since I’m on the subject of green energy this week, I want to tell you about a PTC customer that’s making it easier to adapt to cleaner, alternative fuels. Emer SpA, based in Brescia, Italy, designs and manufactures the parts OEMs need to convert their gasoline-powered automobiles and trucks to use compressed natural gas (CNG).

Many benefits follow when you drive CNG—it’s considered safer than petroleum, it causes less wear on the engine, it produces cleaner emissions, and the price tag at the pump is significantly less expensive.

To retrofit a traditional fuel system, technicians place a new storage tank in the trunk of the vehicle. Then new pressure regulators and injectors reduce the pressure and deliver the natural gas to the engine’s pistons. The fuel mixture is compressed, a spark plug ignites, and so on.

Roughly 14.8 million vehicles worldwide now use CNG, with Pakistan and Bangladesh leading the way.

Coincidentally, the first uses of natural gas began near Brescia, Italy, in the 1930s. Today, Emer is a world leader in its field, with a strong presence in Eastern Europe, India, and Latin America. It counts Volkswagen, BMW, MAN, Fiat, and Tata among its partners, and Emer also has a partnership with Minda, a company we profiled a few months ago in these pages.

A PTC user since 2000, Emer designs, manufactures, and tests its products in house. The company advertises its use of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry, including automated manufacturing systems—and PTC solutions.

Engineers at Emer use PTC Creo to design parts and assemblies. They then manage and share the work using PTC Windchill PDMLink. With PTC Windchill PDMLink, anyone in the enterprise can access the most recent data at any time from the web.

Emer Injector

Emer Injector

That’s important for a company with 230 employees spread among four divisions locally and overseas. They also use the software to manage Engineering Change Notifications (ECNs) and ensure release to manufacturing goes smoothly.

EMEr Pressure Reducer

Emer Pressure Reducer

But there’s just one piece missing from this otherwise well thought out solution. Not all of those 230 employees are CAD experts. And though we may wish it were otherwise, not all of them want to be CAD experts.

So PTC authorized reseller Arcadia Srl (now part of SIT Engineering Solutions) also implemented PTC Creo View MCAD for anyone in the company that needed to look at the models without modifying them significantly.

EMER Pressure Reducer

Emer Pressure Reducer

With PTC Creo View MCAD, they can easily visualize and interrogate design information, even from other MCAD tools, all without the native authoring application. That can be useful just about anywhere in the product development cycle: tooling, design review, documentation, marketing, etc. PTC Creo View MCAD can even be used to show partners and customers your work, when appropriate.

Emer says it’s seeing the difference in several areas:

  • Improved performance and quality of new products.
  • Improved control of drawings and all technical data.
  • Improved efficiency (especially reduced paper to be controlled by certified quality system).

Or more succinctly, as Roberto Defilippi, R&D director, says, “PTC solutions have allowed us to optimize our product development processes and increase our efficiency.”

Ed – want your own free-for-life version of our visualization software? Download PTC Creo View Express for Windows®. This easy-to-use viewing software provides comprehensive capabilities for viewing and interrogating mechanical 2D drawings and 3D CAD models.

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