Award-Winning Beer, 200-Year Old Brewery, KHS and PTC Creo

The master brewer at Hirsch Brewery, part of the charming family business in Tuttlingen, Germany, cherishes the old ways–the recipes, the craft, the local spring water, and the carefully selected traditional ingredients.

But Thorsten Jauch knows it takes a modern, top-of-the-line packaging system to ensure your Weissbier retains its balanced malty sweetness when you’re ready to uncap it.  That’s why Hirsch recently upgraded its bottling line with machinery from KHS, a PTC Creo customer.

KHS GmbH, based in Dortmund, Germany, offers filling machinery for glass and PET bottles, kegs, and cans for the beverage, food, and non-food industries.

The new KHS equipment used at Hirsch Brewery automates key stages of production, like bottle cleaning, filling, capping, labeling, and crating. At full capacity, the line can produce 24,000 bottles per hour. Those results are due, in part, to PTC solutions.

“Many of the innovations you see in the system are directly linked to using PTC solutions,” says Andreas Krieg, head of construction at KHS. “We use PTC Creo for every stage of the process, from the first sketches, to detailed models, to manufacturing.” The team uses PTC Creo Simulate to analyze parts ahead of manufacturing.

Among those innovations is the Hygienic Design concept. Little spaces can cause big problems and alter the taste of the beverage in a bottling system. The Hygienic system eliminates those gaps. Plus, it controls run off.

“The Hygienic Design concept is only possible with PTC Creo,” Krieg says. “We use it to replace corners and edges with curves and slopes, so liquids don’t pool and cleanliness improves. We also make sure there are no exposed electrical elements, pilot valves, and control hoses in the filling valve hygiene area.”

Design validation and review is carried out in PTC Creo View MCAD. The design team can quickly load and review subassemblies in the visualization tool, including supplier parts that are developed in other CAD systems or delivered in a neutral format like STEP.

The viewing software is used to look at CAD data with people who aren’t design engineers—like the team at Hirsch. And also, manufacturer sites and others on the team can use PTC Creo View MCAD to launch models for non-design work, like marketing, support, and manufacturing set up.

And all design and engineering activities are managed with PTC Windchill PDMLink.

Bottom line? PTC Creo helps KHS build top-of-the-line packaging and bottling machinery, which helps Hirsch deliver legendary beer, which helps beer lovers everywhere get a taste of a tradition that goes back over 200 years.

In our latest customer video, we’ll take you inside Hirsch and KHS, look closer at the filling machinery, and find out what “makes a brew master’s heart beat.” Cheers!

Ed – Go. Customers. That’s all you really need to remember to find and share our growing collection of PTC Creo customer documentary videos. They’re all available at

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