How Bissell Uses PTC Creo View MCAD for Better Design Reviews

When your extended review team is located across multiple sites, there are many ways to communicate 3D ideas with people outside the design team: Email, PowerPoint slides, and Word documents.  Some even try to share screen shots.

The designers and engineers at Bissell Homecare, Inc., have a better way.

Their teams use PTC solutions, including PTC Creo View MCAD, for fast, clear, and effective product reviews. Here’s what this 138-year-old company has learned over time about what works well for product reviews—and what doesn’t:

An easy-to-use viewer application can empower the extended team. Using PTC Creo View MCAD, reviewers can launch and interrogate a 3D model on their own. The software has an instinctive, tasked-based interface, so the right people can always conveniently visualize the most recent revisions of product models and offer valuable insight.

Office applications don’t manage your markups, suggestions, or requests. Say an analyst recommends more vent holes around a fan for better airflow. Now, say nobody remembers that recommendation. Sure, you can prove the request was made by finding the old email, and you might win some props for being right, but wouldn’t it have been better for everyone if the request had never been missplaced in the first place?

A viewer application, with mark up capabilities, on an accessible PDM system can centralize reviewer feedback. In the email/Office/screenshot environment, reviewers’ comments, mark ups, and annotations are sure to be scattered and unmanaged throughout the organization.  A PDM system that everyone uses is ideal as a central repository to capture review feedback, the same way it keeps track of design data.

Views and cross sections can be prepared in advance for more focused design reviews.  Even though reviewers can easily find and launch parts in the PDM system, you can still provide some guidance. By capturing cross sections and views, you can direct them to key areas of concern. You can even hide parts when needed.

Predefined views also speed navigation through an assembly. The larger and more complex the assembly, the more time you save everyone with predefined views and cross sections.  

A tight integration with PDM provides security. Reviewers might reside within your company, but they might also work for your partners, vendors, and customers. A good PDM system limits who can see what and preserves your intellectual property, while at the same time giving useful access to the review team. And when you absolutely can’t allow live data out of your firewall, you can also use PTC Creo View MCAD to generate PDF views.

More than 120 team members at Bissell Homecare use PTC Creo; 350 use PTC Windchill PDMLink.  With PTC solutions, Bissell has improved CAD visibility throughout company, making product development and review cycles well organized, effective, and secure. Best of all, the company’s products continue to reflect the best ideas of the extended and design teams, with an ongoing string of innovative ideas and functions.

Watch this space, we’ll be talking more about how companies are using PTC viewing apps in upcoming articles over the next few months.

Ed – want your own free-for-life versions of our visualization software? We’ve two free entry-level products:

Download PTC Creo View Express for Windows®. This easy-to-use viewing software provides comprehensive capabilities for viewing and interrogating mechanical 3D CAD models.

Want visualization on the go? Download PTC Creo View Mobile to instantly visualize 3D PTC Creo View models on your Apple iPad or iPhone.

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