Jetta Creates Life-Like Dinosaur With PTC Solutions

Jetta Pleo

Don’t call PLEO rb the Dinosaur a “toy.” The folks at Jetta Company Limited prefer to think of it as an “autonomous interactive life form.”

After all, how many “toys” have unique personalities with changing levels of maturity? How many toys know the difference between petting and playing rough? How many shiver when they’re cold? Or have mood swings and low-energy days?

PLEO rb does. The PLEO rb is a companion robot pet that comes with its own look and temperament. It responds to its “master’s” input and moves freely throughout the house.

Some say that the PLEO rb is a sensible replacement for a living and breathing pet. But look around, and you’ll soon find out that pet owners are some of  PLEO rb’s biggest fans.

Behind the dinosaur
Jetta Company Limited, based in Hong Kong, operates five campuses with approximately 40,000 employees. As a one-stop service provider for manufacturing solutions, the company helps others turn their ideas into concept designs, models, prototypes, and then products.

That’s how Jetta came to develop the PLEO rb. The dinosaur is just one of many products the company makes. In fact, assistant engineering director Samson Yiu says Jetta develops about 80 new products a year.

Among those products are toys, consumer electronics, power tools, and other items—many of them well-known brands found throughout the world.

Inside the dinosaur
PLEO rb (rb stands for reborn) is the most recent release of the robot, and it’s packed with features—literally. For example, 14 small motors drive the all PLEO rb’s moving joints. Sensors help internal computers register input—such as physical touch, temperature, and visual stimulation. And an internal clock tells the PLEO rb when to wake up, when to show hunger, and when to grow up.

Yiu says it’s complicated, and there’s not a lot of space to work in. “Making all the electronics and mechanical components fit together was one of our major design challenges.”

Why Jetta uses PTC products
Jetta uses PTC Creo and PTC Windchill for almost all of its product development.

PTC Creo is a powerful and flexible parametric 3D CAD tool that supports Jetta from concept design to tooling.  Plus, with PTC Creo Simulate, Jetta engineers can effectively analyze the PLEO rb in motion, calculating interference and evaluating stress points.

Using PTC solutions, Jetta creates prototypes quickly. More importantly, engineers find potential problems well before manufacturing. “It’s easy to make changes to 3D files,” says Yiu. “It’s really difficult to change the production tooling.”

And here’s another benefit that Jetta has realized using PTC Creo. Most of the company’s customers also use the software. That means that everyone can easily exchange model files, which leads to better communication and collaboration.

PTC Windchill is the software that manages all the product data, helping engineers work productively and efficiently. It ensures that the Jetta team can retrieve and effectively leverage designs easily. It prevents confusion over which is the most current version of a design. Plus, it ensures other groups, like service and marketing, can access the latest product data.

The results?
Jetta reports that with PTC products, more than 90% of technical problems are solved in the design phase. That’s led to a 30% cut in lead time and an enormous savings in rework.

“About 99% of our products today are designed in PTC software,” says Yiu. “For complex and accurate designs, nothing else is as good as PTC Creo.”

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