Could Flexible Modeling Fix Your Design Challenges?

If you’re unfamiliar with PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX), it adds direct editing capabilities to PTC Creo Parametric. That means that when you need to work on a model, especially one created in a different system or where the design intent is vague or not needed, you don’t have to start from scratch or manually re-edit definitions.

But do you really need PTC Creo FMX this year? You decide.

Last year we did a slew of stories on companies that overcame their design challenges with PTC Creo FMX. Every industry. Every design challenge. These companies’ past problems could be your current problems. Read on…

Making imported data work

German company, Stettler Kunstofftechnik, often receives external data (CATIA, Unigraphics) to work on. With the flexible modeling capabilities of PTC Creo FMX, Stettler makes extensive modifications to a model and then sends it back to the customer. Back and forth changes are a breeze with PTC Creo FMX. Read more…

Becoming mo’ betta at design concepts

Antwerp-based IDnA (Industrial Design and Assembly) designs products so new, it’s lucky to have much more than a blurry idea and maybe a set of specs. So concept design matters. For this reason, IDnA likes to have an array of concept proposals for the inquisitive customer. That’s where PTC Creo FMX shines. Edit parametric designs, select geometry, including surfaces and shapes, move, remove, attach, round, and more. Read more…

Giving everyone a bite of the design pie

For South-Korean company, TERA Semicon, the idea of picking up a model someone else created and making changes wasn’t a reality until it began using PTC Creo FMX. Now the company benefits from 20% less design time and state-of-the-art designs. Read more…

Who else enjoys collaborating with a team of over 350 designers worldwide using PTC Creo FMX? Hint: You need body armor for this zoom-zoom sport. Read more…

Making another design change when it’s due right now

When you just want to hit the trail, Specialized Bicycles uses PTC Creo FMX to make last-minute changes in two or three hours. Those changes used to take two or three DAYS. Also, Specialized works with many companies for the hundreds of components that go into the overall bike. Importing data from other programs and integrating it with the bike is a cinch with PTC Creo FMX. Read more…

China-based electric appliance company, Tangen Group Co., wanted a system to make late-stage design changes, so they adopted PTC Creo FMX, and responded to customers faster than they ever expected. Read more…

Casual users at Schaeffler may be unfamiliar with parametric design constraints on a typical CAD system, but it doesn’t really matter with PTC Creo FMX. While these users are in meetings with customers, they can quickly and easily create design proposals by reusing existing 3D engineering data. Read more…

Also see: Prepare for Last-Minute Design Changes

Getting fast and flexible

FSG Design has a wide array of projects: handheld instruments for firefighters and miners, body panels for NASCAR, robotic transport systems. The company has to be flexible with any idea (and any CAD file) that gets thrown at it. CEO, Frank Glogowski said of PTC Creo FMX: “I can import customers’ diverse design files into PTC Creo and start modeling and surfacing right away. No other vendor offers anything like it.” Read more…

You’re seeing this brand more often wherever you look, but how has KTM Motorbikes grown more than 36% in a year? First: a great team. Second: a great design tool. Company designer, Olaf Seger said with PTC Creo FMX, “everyone can take existing designs and make modifications to improve performance. New designers can leverage existing parts [from previous generations of bikes], even when the original designer is unavailable.”

KTM has a team of three hundred and fifty designers. Yeah, that could make collaboration interesting. Read more…

Speeding up design time

Turkey-based company Öztürk Makina Model Sanayi makes polymer molds for just about anything: electronics, toiletries, food packaging. Using PTC Creo FMX, Öztürk now designs 30% faster and has cut overall design time by 25%. Read more…

Designing a carbon fiber satellite antenna the size of a preschooler looks perfectly simple in the end, but a Profen Turkish Telecom design engineer will tell a different story. Creativity, ingenuity, and a good CAD tool are all required. With PTC Creo FMX, making late or fast design changes is simple. Read more…

See? Whether you are at the initial stages of conceptualizing a design or trying to simplify your product geometry for CAE analyses, PTC Creo FMX gives you the right tool to complete the task most efficiently and effectively–so you can accelerate your concept design and detailed design processes.

Want to find out more about Flexible Modeling? Why not visit our dedicated resource center. Don’t have time, then why not take a few minutes to view the Flexible Modeling in Action product demonstration.

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