FSG: Improving Client Relationship by Consolidating CAD

There’s a level of security in keeping all those old college t-shirts in the top of your closet. The reality is, it just clutters everything and you don’t really wear them. Such is deciding to consolidate your CAD processes into a single solution. It’s a scary step to “out” the old and “in” the new, but check out how FSG Design did it.

FSG is committed to superior, organic design for its customers. When CEO and Principal Designer Frank Glogowski has the option, he always chooses PTC Creo, because his customers reap the benefits of quick turnaround time, flexibility with any file, and acute aesthetic precision.

“No other vendor offers anything like it,” says Glogowski, “I can import any of [the client’s] diverse design files into PTC Creo and start modeling and surfacing right away.”

Consolidation vs. Standardization

With so many CAD programs around, users take a big chance when they decide to adhere to the stringent requirements of standardizing on a CAD program. When a company standardizes on CAD, they choose one CAD program, which dictates what a vendor or other external company must use to work with that particular company.

However, when a group decides to internally consolidate all of their CAD processes into a program like PTC Creo, the outcome is completely different and much more fluid.

Consolidation = Happy Relationship with Clients

Industry analyst Chad Jackson suggested that when a company consolidates all CAD processes into one program the advantages are reduced costs, fewer training and knowledge demands, and fewer relationships to maintain with outside CAD vendors. This all leads to more time to design and more money to put on your projects (or in your pocket).

But here’s the biggie: CAD consolidation loosens requirements on external parties. Jackson describes exactly Glogowski’s experience.

PTC Creo for All Client Projects

FSG can work easily with client files, no matter the source, and could adapt to the processes of each company better.

With PTC Creo, FSG produced organic surfaces over 60% faster than with other programs. And the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension let FSG and their clients select and edit geometry features, regardless of the source and without losing design intelligence.

For Glogowski, consolidating his company’s CAD processes just makes sense. Perhaps it’s time to re-examine your CAD closet and let go of legacy programs that are bogging down your time-to-market. Don’t let it be painful. Just let it go.

Ed – FSG Design recently used PTC Creo in the re-design of the Aethon TUG automated robotic delivery system. TUG robots transport food, medicine, linens, supplies and equipment around medical facilities. Watch the latest generation of TUG robots in action.


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