What We’re Liking: Top Liked and Shared Blog Articles

We love likes around here. And shares. They tell us when we’re on the right track with our daily articles. Perhaps you are fond of the customer we’re covering, or the customer’s product. Maybe you’re interested in the news the story conveys, and want more like it. Or maybe there’s been an enthusiastic word-of-mouth campaign to “like” a story about your particular school and its victories.

We never know for sure, but we always notice. And we always think about it and try to create more content that you will want to like and share.

Here are the top liked and shared articles to date:  

9. Dettwiler Metallbau Chooses PTC Creo Over HiCAD and SolidWorks. Maybe what made people like this article was the Ohard, an unusual tractor designed for vineyards. Or maybe it was the Agatha Christie quote in the intro. We’ll definitely be featuring more interesting products in future articles. Literary quotes might be scarcer.

8. Multiple Customers and CAD systems: How Hofmann Engineering Streamlines FEA with PTC Creo Simulate. A German company makes an injection molding machine using PTC Creo and PTC Creo Simulate. We add a nicely made German language video made by PTC authorized reseller, INNEO. The story becomes a hit. More stories from our European partners and customers coming up!

7. Removing Design Gaps by Consolidating CAD.  This article looks at how everyone working in their own silos, with their own CAD systems, can create gaps as CAD files pass from department to department in a company—and how you might be losing competitive edge because of it.

6. The Trend Towards CAD Consolidation, Not CAD Standardization. Another story in our Consolidation series, this Chad Jackson article spells out clearly why standardization and consolidation are very different when it comes to a company’s CAD strategy. We’re not done with this series yet. Keep reading to find out about PTC Creo users who have consolidated software packages.

5. Orphiro Brings Cool to the Electric Motorcycle. Who wouldn’t like the Orphiro? It looks awesome, and it’s sustainable. PTC Creo is popular with motorcycle designers all over the world, like Royal Enfield, Ducati, Norton, and …

4. Profiles in Flexible Modeling: KTM Motorbikes. KTM makes motorcycles for those who want the smooth glide of an electric motorcycle, like the Orphiro, but with more mud. What’s not to like?

3. PTC Creo 2.0 Released Today. We were pretty excited about this too back in April 2012. This article is a simple press release, but it outlines what’s new in PTC Creo 2.0, and it’s still a popular article today as more users upgrade to the latest release and want an overview of what’s changed. Big PTC Creo news is what this blog is for—and we’ll keep publishing it here.

2. PTC Revolutionizes CAD Market with Creo. This is one of our first posts from October 2010. This article introduced the PTC Creo concept and the PTC Creo blog–a good starting place for those reading about PTC Creo for the first time.

1. Unicamp Team Sweeps Brazilian Electric Car Competition. Word got out when we published this story about the team at State University of Campinas. They won the Formula SAE competition, in Brazil, and the opportunity to travel to Lincoln, NE for the international competition.

Thanks for reading!

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