NTM Wheels Shelves Autodesk for PTC Creo

If you collect and restore classic cars, every detail counts. A vintage model that’s perfectly clean, with mirror-like chrome surfaces, groomed tire treads, and in the right colors can command high prices. While the same vehicle showing even a little age may lose half or two-thirds its value.


That’s one reason that collectors scour the NTM catalog for high-quality rims to fit their Alpha Romeo, Audi, BMW, Fiat, Ferrari, Porsche, or Volkswagen cars.  NTM Wheels, based in northeast Italy, makes light alloy wheels for classic, race, and special order cars all over the world.

The company uses raw alloy and casts the wheel using a low-pressure casting. This ensures the quality is consistent and rugged.

Of course, every wheel starts with design. For that, NTM uses PTC Creo.  With PTC Creo, NTM Wheels works with the most robust, scalable 3D product design toolset on the market—with more power, flexibility, and speed to help accelerate the entire product development process.


Not only that, but with PTC Creo, the company is now working with the standard in its industry. Here are just a few of the elite auto companies we’ve talked about recently using PTC Creo:

In the past, NTM Wheels used Autodesk for design. But engineers consolidated design activities on PTC Creo earlier this year because they wanted to grow their position in the market, while reducing development time. By consolidating on the same software that others use in the industry:

  • Teams only need to become expert on one system.
  • Organizations only need technical support from one organization instead of many.
  • Manufacturers that invest more with one company are better positioned to qualify for discounts for initial purchases and services costs.

Working with authorized PTC reseller, CDM TecnoConsulting, the wheel manufacturer deployed PTC Creo 2.0 and quickly trained on the new software with e-Learning solutions.

The results? CDM reports that the NTM has cut development time by 50%, while improving product quality.

“We are very excited to start with PTC Creo,” says NTM owner Diego Favaro. “With the adoption of PTC Creo, we are poised for strong growth in the Italian market.”

Here’s a recent special order being completed for the Equipe Ligier motorsport team, a center flange for one of their classic F1 cars from the 1970s.

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