What Are We Looking for? Top PTC Learning Connector Searches

If you use PTC Creo, you’re probably already familiar with the PTC Learning Connector. Click the Learning Connector icon from within the software, and you see short instructional videos, help topics, knowledge base articles, e-learning library recommendations, and more.

There’s also a Search field, so that you can quickly reach all the Learning Connector information on any key word, .

That Search field helps us, too. According to Bettina Giemsa, marketing manager at PTC University, we analyze popular search terms for a number of reasons, along with other information we collect.

“Search terms are just one data point among many, many others,” says Giemsa. “It helps us ensure we’re posting useful content, and sometimes it sparks ideas for new content.”

So, Bettina, what terms are we all searching for lately?

9. Helical. If you’re looking to model a spring, machine complex holes, or knurl a cylinder, you’ve entered the right search term.

8. Assembly. Top-down design (skeleton models)? Configuring variants? Exploding a view? This search term returns a lot of results. Hopefully, anyone using this term found what they wanted right away or added a second search term.

7. Datum. Create reference points, curves, axes, and planes. Trim them. Embed them.  The Learning Connector can show you how.

6. Copy. This search will return tips on replicating surfaces, features, and parts. It’s almost always just a couple easy steps.

5. Draw. The Learning Connector can show you how to get started with drawings in PTC Creo Parametric, how to manage them, and how to fake it in a pinch.

4. Sheet. Enter this term and you might get helpful tips on 2D drawings, or information on bending steel. (The minus (-) operator would be helpful here. Try “sheet –metal” if you’re not looking for sheetmetal help.)

3. Creo. New to PTC Creo, then entering this term provides a good basis of getting started materials.

2. Create. Like “assembly,” you may need to narrow it down with a second search term to avoid overwhelming yourself with the number of results.

 1. Sweep. Search this term to find our popular fruit bowl tutorial, as well as more springs and knurled cylinders.

What are you looking for when you search the Learning Connector?

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