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What We’re Liking: Top Liked and Shared Blog Articles

We love likes around here. And shares. They tell us when we’re on the right track with our daily articles. Perhaps you are fond of the customer we’re covering, or the customer’s product. Maybe you’re interested in the news the story conveys, and want more like it. Or maybe there’s been an enthusiastic word-of-mouth campaign […]

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Consolidating on PTC Creo: Britax

Recently, Britax made a significant change to its design strategy. The company, a leading manufacturer of child safety equipment, abandoned SolidWorks and is consolidating all its design work on PTC Creo. Here’s why: Britax car seats, strollers, and infant carriers must be high quality and provide impeccable safety to succeed in the child safety market. […]

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ZF Steering Gear: PTC Creo Inside India’s Automobiles

If you’re familiar with hydraulics, you might already know about vane pumps. Patented in 1874, a vane pump mechanically spins a rotor (2), which moves vanes (or pushrods) that slide in and out of the rotor (3) in a body (1) as it turns. That motion creates a vacuum so that fluid is drawn into […]

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11 Career Tips for Mechanical Engineers


There’s more to being a successful mechanical engineer than being good at math and science. Whether you’re a recent engineering graduate or have been working as an mechanical engineering manager for many years, there are tips and strategies that can help you advance in your profession. Let’s take a look at some of these tips […]

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Getting inspired on November 22nd!

Inspiration is an important ingredient to creating the best product design that you can develop as a Design Engineer.  Sometimes it comes from nature, art and history.  Today is a special day in history as the world recognizes the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Inspiration was part of his legacy […]

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Gromin Retains Competitive Edge by Consolidating on PTC Creo

Gromin wants what we all want, really. Faster time to market, more innovation, less time wasted in the design phase. Unfortunately, the company’s design software was holding it back. A leader in plastic packaging Gromin makes high-quality plastic containers for Eastern Europe’s cosmetics industry. Based in Minsk, Belarus, the company works with its customers to […]

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Titan Rocks the Wristwatch with PTC Creo

Titan watches are classy. With hundreds of models in the Titan catalog, you can find fine timepieces with gold bands, pearl inlays, and even carbon fiber dials. But don’t let that fool you. If you’re among India’s urban youth, Titan wants you to know that its watches are also very cool. Titan’s Fastrack sub-brand features […]

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Suppliers and Partners Speak a Foreign CAD Language?

Chances are that at least some members of your product design supply chain create files in a format different than your preferred CAD system.  Just look at this data from a recent Aberdeen survey: 66% of 3D CAD files are delivered in a format other than the preferred one. Most companies now support three or more […]

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: TERA Employees Work as One with PTC Creo

In a previous blog post, we introduced TERA Semicon and its manufacturing equipment for semiconductors and mobile phones. The South Korean company specializes in high-temperature heat treatment units that can mass-produce the thin film materials needed for the newest generation of LEDs and other display technology. The company also stretches into a third technology area: […]

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Getting Answers: Who Enables Simulation Driven Design?


This blog post has been licensed for hosting by PTC. The concepts, ideas and positions of this post have been developed independently by Industry Analyst Chad Jackson of Lifecycle Insights. 2013-2014 © LC Insights LLC What an enigma? By now, I’m sure most of you know the story. Some 15 years ago, the idea of using […]

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