Simeco Appliances: Replacing Cheap with Style, Consolidating CAD Systems

Cheap appliances are big business in Turkey. According to Euromonitor International, domestic and international brands fill the market with ovens, hobs (cooktops), and hoods that cost as little as 59TL. That’s about US $29 dollars or 22 Euro.


At the same time, people are buying more appliances than ever as new home construction and kitchen remodeling grows. In fact, Euromonitor expects Turkish large appliance sales to increase 12% in the next few years.

So what’s the best way to compete in a booming “value” market? For Simeco, based in the port city of Gaziemir, on the country’s west coast, the answer is quality, style, and PTC Creo.

Take, for example, Simeco’s Curved Glass Wing 90x. This oven hood vents exhaust from the stove, but includes a stylish curved glass wing on a stainless steel chimney.


“Simeco produces only first-class cooking appliances, the result of Italian design and engineering,” says the company’s web site. The Curved Glass Wing 90x is exported throughout Europe, where it sells for more than $30. A lot more.

Until recently, Simeco designed with SolidWorks and AutoCAD. But the company thought it could do better. Working with international vendors and resellers, the company wanted a better collaboration approach. Like everyone else, it wanted to reduce product development time and costs. And, because style is so important in quality products, it wanted to do more with concept design.

Working with Informatik, an authorized PTC Reseller, Simeco replaced its old CAD systems with PTC Creo 2.0.

With PTC Creo, Simeco designers can take an idea, sketch it online and develop it through detailed 3D design all in the same design suite. Engineers can create 2D drawings from 3D models as needed with PTC Creo Layout. And partners can leverage the models for catalog sales. Plus, designers can take model data from partners and even their own legacy data and open it all in PTC Creo.


Informatik reports that Simeco is now poised to improve performance and reduce product development time, like so many other companies that have opted to streamline their design process with PTC Creo.

See how another PTC customer, Electrolux, makes induction cooktops.

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