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Three Years of 10 Most-Read Blog Posts

Guess who turned three this month? This very blog! We launched in October, 2010 with an article about cloud computing from Barb Schmitz. Articles from our executives came next as they articulated this new thing, PTC Creo. A flurry of customer and press reactions followed. Over the past 36 months, we’ve posted a story […]

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: KTM Motorbikes

We’ve written a few times in this blog about KTM Motorbikes. We like the Austrian-based company’s fast motorcycles and sports cars. We’re intrigued by KTM’s all in-house engineering model. And we think its “Ready to Race” philosophy fits well with PTC Creo and our approach to product design. Flexible Modeling for Unexpected Changes PTC Creo […]

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Is CAD Consolidation Worth Your Effort?

Is CAD consolidation really worth it? A lot of us have kludged together two, three, or more CAD systems all within one company. And we make do. We might keep legacy data in 2D and 3D formats. While other teams in the same organization hang on to the CAD tools they’ve always used, but you […]

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Consolidation of CAD Tools Can Facilitate Design Changes and Collaboration


If there is one thing that engineers and designers know for sure about proposed new product designs is that they will change. After all, engineering is all about exploring multiple options, trying new things and making mistakes, learning from those errors and moving forward until an optimum solution, or in this case, a truly optimized […]

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Designing the perfect Jack-O-Lantern using PTC Creo


What do a PTC Marketing Manager and a Mechanical Engineer using 3D Software have in common?  The answer is Halloween jack-o-lanterns.  Ever since I was a child I have always loved Halloween.  The images of ghosts, vampires and endless piles of orange pumpkins have always been very appealing to me.  Or could it be the […]

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HDO Group and PTC Creo Create Surfaces Worthy of the World’s Most Discriminating Products

The HDO Group specializes in surfaces. Beautiful surfaces. The company creates die cast molds for zinc, magnesium, and aluminum. Then HDO machines, electroplates, grinds, and polishes the castings until the components are worthy of world-class product names, like Porsche, Jaguar, and Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte. Based in Paderborn, Germany, with satellite sites in Slovakia and the […]

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Profiles in Flexible Modeling: Specialized Bicycle Components

Specialized Bicycle Components recently launched its 2014 models. The bikes are faster, the frames stiffer and lighter, and the suspensions more advanced. Designers have also introduced storage systems so carrying your water bottles, tubes and wrenches aren’t such an afterthought. You can check out all the new products here. You’ll see the team has been […]

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PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0: Who Benefits from PTC Creo Integration?

**Guest blog post by Cat McClintock** Earlier this year, John Sheehan talked on this blog about how PTC’s leading 3D CAD software and Engineering Calculations software work together. “Hopefully readers are aware of the bidirectional integration of the two products which has existed…since 2006,” he wrote. Dimensions and parameters can be sent from PTC Creo […]

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How did we end up with so many different CAD systems?

If you’re old enough, you probably remember a time when a company worked with a single 2D CAD system for design. You couldn’t do as much with the tools back then, but you could count on everything to work together. If you’re on the younger side, you may have been working with 2D and 3D […]

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Desktop Engineering: Wanted: Students to Design Unmanned Aircraft for Agriculture

By Kenneth Wong On the outset, the challenge for the high school students seems straightforward: design “a UAS (unmanned aircraft system), which may have a fixed wing, rotorcraft, or hybrid design.” But this UAS needs to perform certain mission-critical tasks. It needs to fly over the cornfields of Iowa and pick out areas affected by […]

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