How’s that PTC Creo App Thing Working Out?

In a word, the app thing is working out seamlessly.

Back when we announced PTC Creo in 2010, one of our visions was to break up and enhance our design products into a range of apps and extensions that worked together and used a similar UI. Today when we talk to customers, we find each has put together a collection of software that makes the most sense for their industry and processes.

That said, everybody loves a “roundup.” So let’s round up our apps and extensions and see which ones product developers are picking up the most. Some might surprise you. Others, probably no surprise at all …

9.  PTC Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension. Whether they build supercars, giant robots, or production machinery, most developers need both mechanical and electronic engineering. The PTC Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration Extension (ECX) makes sure the two work effectively together. In fact, PTC is the only MCAD vendor offering this new technology, which leverages both PTC Creo and PTC Creo View.

8.     PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension. Fewer and fewer engineers route cables and pipes by weaving them by hand through the prototype anymore. More and more of them use PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension for automated 3D pipe and cable routing with associative manufacturing and documentation tools. Even the clumsiest fingers can delicately reach behind PC boards and giant capacitors in the online environment. There’s less room for error that way.

7.     PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension. Anyone who’s under pressure to get sophisticated products out the door fast appreciates the value of a good simulation tool. The PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension helps engineers understand and advanced test product performance early in the development cycle—well before prototyping.

6.     PTC Creo Layout. A stand-alone 2D CAD app that engineers anywhere use to quickly create detailed design concepts in 2D, add detailing information such as dimensions, annotations, etc., and then leverage it into a 3D design using PTC Creo Parametric.  This is the PTC Creo vision at work: design data moving seamlessly between apps with the design intent fully retained.

5.     PTC Creo Simulate. Even without the Advanced Simulation Extension, product developers can do a lot of core analysis with PTC Creo Simulate: Standard CAE analysis types, real-world performance data, and fast solution convergence mapped precisely to underlying CAD geometry. For many companies, simulation tools mean that they can try more ideas because they can find out what’s going to work (or fail) without building time-consuming physical prototypes.

4.     PTC Creo Direct. Some engineering teams need maximum flexibility all the time. PTC Creo Direct is a stand-alone 3D CAD app for full-time or casual users. PTC Creo direct is popular with those who create a lot of concept designs, need to de-feature models for a simulation, or work in an industry where unexpected last-minute changes are expected.

3.     PTC Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX). This extension is a must for any development team working with large complex models. From coal mining machinery to vacuum cleaners, AAX supports top-down design processes and automated mass product customization. Companies that benefit from that sort of thing say they couldn’t create many of their products without AAX.

2.     PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX). The flexibility of PTC Creo Direct, but as an extension of PTC Creo Parametric. Since we introduced FMX, engineers who have traditionally taken the parametric approach no longer need to start over when a tricky update comes along. With PTC Creo FMX, they easily select and edit a range of geometry and features including rounds and patterns. The design intelligence is fully retained.

1. PTC Creo Parametric. Of course. Our most popular app is the standard in 3D CAD.

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  1. Camilo
    Posted Sep 25, 2013 at 7:41 pm | Permalink

    PTC Creo Avanced Rendering Extension (ARX) Make your designs looks great.

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