MA.IN. Engineering: Ready to Take on the World with PTC Creo

MA.IN. engineering designs earth-moving and agricultural equipment–products like hay balers, skid loaders, excavators, and drill machines. You can find their offices in San Marino, a tiny, independent country of 30,000 people known for its Medieval towers, layered wafer cakes, and commemorative stamps.

But surrounding San Marino is Italian countryside. The Emilia-Romagna region grows Italy’s maize, sugar beets, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, wheat, and fruit.  It also produces the world’s best cars, like Pagani and Ducati. As such, it makes perfect sense that this design company would emerge in “the world’s smallest country” to take advantage of the region’s agricultural and automotive roots.

What also makes perfect sense is the team’s recent adoption of PTC Creo. The 3D CAD software has an established history as the tool of choice for heavy equipment companies worldwide. We’ve talked about many of them here on this blog:

  • Viktorikreins, a maker of large cranes in Moscow.
  • IHI Star, a producer of agricultural machinery in Japan.
  • John Deere, one of the world’s largest agricultural equipment producers.
  • Grimme, a UK company specializing in potato harvesters.

MA.IN. Engineering CEO, Alessandro Cecchini, says his team is excited to start with PTC Creo. “With the adoption of the software, we can grow in the international market.”

In fact, the company says that by using PTC Creo and the PTC Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX), it expects to cut time to market by 20%. Now, the team can support top-down design processes; quickly load and work with large assemblies; create assembly drawing and process plans for detailed fabrication instructions; create layouts for documenting and driving the configuration of models using critical engineering data; and use powerful assembly management tools for variant design and generation processes—essential for leveraging a model for international markets.

MA.IN. Engineering offers its heavy equipment clients services from sketches to final product execution. By adopting PTC Creo, the company can further create, analyze, and view product designs, and leverage them all downstream and around the world. PTC Creo supports the team throughout—concept design, detailed engineering, prototyping, mockups, testing, and production.

If you want to know more about how PTC Creo and AAX makes large assemblies more manageable, check out the explainer:

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