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Crowdsourcing: Leveraging the Power of Open Innovation in Product Design


Product design is quickly becoming a group activity, involving not those tasked with the creation of the physical design and its manufacture, but consumers, hobbyists and would-be inventors as well. This emerging trend, referred to as the democratization of design, has gained traction, thanks in part to the Internet and new social tools and networks […]

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JR Automation: An Alternative to Offshoring


Offshoring has been a controversial topic spurring debates with economists and in board rooms for over a decade.  Some companies have seen benefits, but others are more skeptical of the practice.  In fact, The Economist reported in January 2013 that: “High levels of unemployment in Western countries after the 2007-2008 financial crisis have made the […]

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Atlas Copco: Bringing Up Water to Rural India

In India’s cities and villages, drinking and irrigation water can be difficult to access. Infrastructure across villages may not be up to date or well managed, and the nearest distribution site may require travel or, in the case of truck deliveries, waiting in line. Furthermore, many households rely on several sources of for their water, […]

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How’s that PTC Creo App Thing Working Out?

In a word, the app thing is working out seamlessly. Back when we announced PTC Creo in 2010, one of our visions was to break up and enhance our design products into a range of apps and extensions that worked together and used a similar UI. Today when we talk to customers, we find each […]

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Behold! Tradinno!

Behold Tradinno! The fiercest beast ever created with PTC Creo! I’m calling that right now. At 50-feet long and 30-feet tall, this fire-breathing robotic dragon, sometimes called “Fanny,” weighs 11 tons and holds 8 liters of (fake) blood in its veins. Guinness Book of World Records says the mechatronic wonder is the biggest walking robot […]

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Social Tools Help Companies Connect with Customers and Employees


Social media’s impact on both our social and professional lives has significantly increased over the past few years. The power behind social media is generated by its ability to amplify word-of-mouth effects, which if used effectively can be used to expand product recognition, drive sales and profitability, garner loyalty and elicit valuable feedback from customers. […]

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Longwall Coal Mining with ZML and PTC Creo

If you haven’t been in a coal mine lately, you might be surprised at how sophisticated, innovative, and highly automated the process has become.  About 60% of the world’s coal is extracted using a method called “longwall mining.” At the heart of  longwall mining are three basic components: A tight row of hydraulic roof supports, […]

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Sustainability on the Prairie

Farmers have always struggled against drought, late thaws, and early freezes. But more recently, two other concerns have emerged: growing populations and environmental sustainability. Better Yields with Less Disruption “Farmers are stewards of the ground,” says Linda Salem, chief operating officer at Great Plains Manufacturing—an agricultural equipment company based in central Kansas. “Not only do […]

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Fantom Abandons SolidWorks, Manages Large Assemblies with PTC Creo

At its heart, a vacuum cleaner is a straightforward device. An electric motor drives a fan, and the fan pushes air through an exhaust vent. Physics do the rest: the airflow creates a low-pressure region that, as you may recall from school, causes ambient air to rush into the void. And with that ambient air […]

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Tech-Clarity TV – How to Buy PDM

By Jim Brown This episode of Tech-Clarity TV provides insight and guidance on how to buy the best Product Data Management (PDM) system for your business. The video describes the high-level criteria that manufacturers can use to determine which software solution will best meet their needs. The requirements span functional, implementation, adoption, support, and vendor considerations. In […]

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