Bringing Out the Best of the Partner Network with PTC Creo

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Some partner networks work better than others. Build up the right relationships with the right people, and you might effectively compete with companies 10, 100, or 1000 times your size. Introduce a weak link, poor communications, or a bottleneck, and you might effectively lose good customers.

That’s why Frank Glogowski, CEO/Principal Designer at FSG Design, makes the most of his network. When clients work with FSG, they get the benefit of an array of professionals from Fortune 500 companies to startups. It’s the better of two worlds: big-company design, usability, engineering, and manufacturing expertise and small company personalization and innovation.

Sounds great on paper but we asked Glogowski to tell us what he’s doing behind the scenes. Especially regarding his design software.

FSG Design, based in Pennsylvania, is a multi-disciplinary solution provider for consumer, medical, and industrial companies. “FSG’s services are specifically tailored to meet each project’s requirements –
large and small. That includes working with any CAD system the customer or partner requires. A good number of our customers are start-ups so time and accuracy is critical”. Glogowski says the secret is “PTC Creo”.

PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension(FMX) is invaluable for working with my partner network. I can import any of their diverse design files into PTC Creo and start modeling and surfacing right away. No other vendor offers anything like it.”

PTC Creo FMX gives users like Glogowski the ability to quickly respond to last-minute changes or to work with models where the design intelligence not available. Designers can easily select and edit a range of geometry and features including rounds and patterns. The design intelligence is fully retained.

When we asked Glogowski to estimate how much faster he works compared to using other software, he simply repeated himself. “With PTC Creo FMX there is no comparison.”

Glogowski states that PTC Creo Interactive Surface Design Extension includes powerful capabilities that he can’t find in SolidWorks. Best of all, they enhance FSG’s partner network expanding the projects that can be taken on.

“Once partners understand what I can do with PTC Creo, they have more freedom to produce what they want,” he says. “Nobody wants to get in front of a customer and show them something you can’t produce. My partners understand surfacing and realize that we can produce those complex shapes.”

For example, FSG’s design of Aethon’s TUG robot involved all organic shapes; something Glogowski says can’t be done with solid modelers like SolidWorks.

He says he’ll often do the complex surfacing work for projects like the TUG in PTC Creo, and then load the model into the client’s preferred software before handing it over. “Products with complex surfaces are designed 60-70% faster compared to those designed with other CAD Tools. When given the option, I go with PTC Creo,” he says.

“I work 30% faster with PTC Creo compared to other CAD systems,” he adds.

One more reason Glogowski prefers PTC Creo? For customers and partners working with 2D systems like AutoCAD, FSG can find problems in designs long before they show up in a prototype—saving the customer multiple iterations and thereby cutting engineering costs by as much 50%.

In this blog, we often talk about the benefits of PTC Creo to customers like you. But FSG shows how the impact of the right product development software can reach even further.

PTC Creo benefits everyone touched by your work, including customers and partners. “No other vendor offers anything like it.”

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