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What Engineering Schools Should Know: De Anza College’s Gary Lamit

Don’t think of CAD software as “just a tool.” That’s like thinking math is “just a tool.” That’s one bit of advice for schools we heard from Gary Lamit at PTC Academic Program’s “Bridging the Engineering Gap” webinar recently. Lamit, Department Head at De Anza College’s Mechanical Engineering department, has been teaching for decades and […]

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The 10 Most Viewed PTC Creo Videos on YouTube

At this writing, PTC Studio has 756 videos posted on YouTube—with a total of 200 about PTC Creo alone. Let’s say the average video is 3-minutes long; do the math, and that’s 37 hours. It’s a product design and data management software binge-viewing bonanza! But perhaps you don’t have time to watch them all right […]

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Stettler Kunststofftechnik and Flexible Modeling (FMX): Designing for Injection Molding

“Wir sprechen Kunststoff.” That’s the tag line at Stettler Kunststofftechnik, and it means, “We speak plastic.” More specifically, the German company speaks polymer injection molding, a manufacturing process that produces parts by pushing hot plastic into a mold. And while injection molding seems about as straightforward as pouring wax or gelatin into an odd-shaped pot, […]

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Value Engineering: Finding a Balance Between Reducing Costs, Maintaining Quality


Product designers are under increasing pressure today to design products faster, while also reigning in design costs. Often these objectives are at odds with each other. Enter Value Engineering (VE) initiatives, efforts that enable engineers to find the optimal tradeoff among cost, specification and quality. While VE is often associated with architectural design, it holds […]

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Bringing Out the Best of the Partner Network with PTC Creo

JSG Untitled

Some partner networks work better than others. Build up the right relationships with the right people, and you might effectively compete with companies 10, 100, or 1000 times your size. Introduce a weak link, poor communications, or a bottleneck, and you might effectively lose good customers. That’s why Frank Glogowski, CEO/Principal Designer at FSG Design, […]

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PTC Creo LinkedIn Community: 6,000+ Strong, Active, and Growing

PTC has an official LinkedIn group. If you’re already a member, cheers! Check out the stats below, and see how we’re growing. If you’re not already part of it—I’m inviting you to join us! The discussion is always lively, as the group shares ideas, articles, feedback, advice, experiences, and, of course, job leads. Among us […]

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Minda Industries Switch on Growth with PTC Creo

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about hot motorcycles that are futuristic, fast, and cool. Motorcycles are a lot of fun. We love them. At the same time, for many people motorcycles are also just, well, practical. Along with mopeds, scooters, and motorized bikes, they are among the most affordable forms of transportation out […]

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Viktorikreins: From Opera Houses, Marine Cranes, to Oil Rigs with PTC Creo

In 2005, Viktorikreins (Trinity Crane Factory) opened its doors just outside Moscow. The vision was to start with sophisticated technology from the west, and accommodate whatever a customer needed—from design to delivery—davits, jibs, telescoping, overhead, electric, manual, or hydraulic. The earliest orders came from a construction company that needed to build reinforced concrete slabs. By […]

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What Engineering Graduates Should Know: Santa Cruz Bicycles’ Joe Graney

As we continue our series on what companies look for in graduating engineers, it becomes clear that company culture has a lot to do with the screening process. At Santa Cruz bicycles, everybody loves riding, of course. But director of engineering, Joe Graney, says it’s not enough to simply say you’re passionate about cycling to […]

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Disruptive Technologies that could be Game Changers For Manufacturers


There is plenty of emerging technologies, but only a few fits the billing of true breakthroughs. There are, however, some truly game-changing technologies that are poised to disrupt the status quo, significantly altering the way people live and work and rearranging value pools. Businesses need to be aware of these emerging technologies and which ones […]

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