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Steelcase’s Gesture Chair

Working with cell phones, tablets and laptops can make you physically uncomfortable in your work environment. Using these devices at your desk can force you into multiple postures that aren’t supported by old furniture designs. Steelcase, a global leader in the office furniture industry, wanted to support the ever-changing posture of workers with a new […]

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The DOST: Quality in a Frugal Commercial Vehicle

“Japanese quality at Indian cost.” That’s the mission behind a frugal little commercial truck called the DOST (rhymes with “host”). Designed and manufactured by India automotive powerhouse Ashok Leyland, in a partnership with Japan’s Nissan Motor Co., the DOST just started rolling off the assembly line in 2012. You’ll spend about $6500 to buy one […]

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NVIDIA GRID Featured in First Virtualized PTC Creo 2.0 Certification

At PTC Live Global in June 2013, PTC announced the availability of PTC Creo 2.0 for a virtualized environment, certified on an IBM/Citrix/NVIDIA platform.  For those manufacturing enterprises looking to minimize IT labor costs, improve security, and enable access from anywhere on any device, the NVIDIA GRID™ graphics-accelerated virtual desktop solution offers a compelling alternative […]

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By Michelle Boucher As Chad Jackson mentions in his recent post, the last three years in the CAD industry have been really interesting. For a product many could have considered a commodity at the turn of the century, CAD vendors have proved there is still work to be done. It is an exciting time and we are seeing […]

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Öztürk Poised for Regional Growth with PTC Creo and Flexible Modeling

According to consulting agency Deloitte, Turkey is poised to become Europe’s second most competitive manufacturing center, after Germany, within the next five years. Geographically, the country is well located for exporting to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Plus, analysts say the educated, qualified workforce, cooperation between universities and industry, investment in technology, and […]

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Deploy Battled-Tested Tools to Improve Your Innovation Strategy

Close-up of toy infantry soldiers recreating a battle scene

When companies embark on new product design, they do so by following many logical, sequential steps. First they gather market research and elicit customer feedback on previous products. Then they brainstorm, prototype, and test promising new concept designs. Next, they develop detailed engineering designs, meticulous financial models and solid marketing plans to support the product. […]

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Deconstruct to Instruct: Designing Products that are easy to Assemble

When I was ten years old, my dad gave me a small boat engine and asked me to take it apart and put it back together again. It was his way of teaching me to read instructions. Although the engine was “efficiently” reconstructed (as in, parts were left over), it didn’t start. Next time, I […]

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What Engineering Graduates Should Know: Whirlpool’s John Mannisto

Recently, the PTC Academic Program asked some of our most esteemed customers to reflect on the “skills gap” in engineering. We wanted to know what was missing when fresh graduates showed up on the company’s doorstep. What more could universities be doing to prepare the next generation of product developers? John Mannisto, Director of Technology […]

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Smoothing Out the Ride for India’s Two Wheelers with PTC Creo

Yamaha says that when it develops a motorcycle, it looks for a level of performance that “transcends mere specifications.” The company wants to produce superior products that have a “deep and intangible emotional appeal.” But this isn’t a story about Yamaha. Rather, it’s a story about the company that Yamaha asked to help build a […]

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Diverse Client List, New Ideas, and Staying on Schedule with PTC Creo FMX

Have you ever seen an electronic billboard that’s also a Wi-Fi telephone cell? How about a solar-powered parking communication tower? That’s the challenge when you run an industrial design firm—clients might ask you to develop anything, even products for technologies so new, you don’t have much to build on. Just a loose idea and maybe […]

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