Narae Nanotech: Design Approval Comes 67% Faster with CAD and PDM

You’ve probably never heard of Narae Nanotech. But by 2030, the company thinks you, and everybody else, will know its name. Well, at least everybody interested in electronic displays. It’s all part of the 20-year plan.

The ambitious Yongin, South Korean manufacturer of coating and printing equipment for display technology (think smart phone screens) is embarking on a well-mapped out mission to become the global leader in its industry. Here’s a look at how the company might do it:

Core competencies. Since 1990, Narae Nanotech has developed coating and printing equipment. The company’s flat panel display coaters can place a layer of material just a few hundred microns thick on a surface for LCDs, touch screen displays, and semiconductors. With a well-defined understanding of its core business and an active and well-supported research center, Narae Nanotech is creating the next generation of devices and components for display technology.

NARAE Nanotechnology Roll Printer

NARAE Nanotech Roll Printer

Creativity. To respond to changes in its industry, as well as blaze new trails, Narae Nanotech says it fosters a culture that both challenges and trusts its team members. The company’s campus in Yongin supports factories and R&D labs as well as gardens, sports facilities, and employee clubs—like Solgae, an RC plane group.

Fundraising. Narae Nanotech is currently preparing an initial public offering, according to its website.

A CAD and PDM solution. As the company grows, it’s also invested in its product development process with a CAD plus PDM solution. With 220 employees and revenues of about $4.5M, Narae Nanotech needs to make sure its processes support innovation and, at the same time, new products reach the market quickly.

The company adopted PTC Creo for CAD design and PTC Windchill PDMLink to help manage CAD data, documents, and large assemblies. Narae Nanotech also uses PTC Creo Simulate (and the PTC Creo Advanced Simulation Extension) and the PTC Creo Piping and Cabling Extension.

Turns out, deploying PTC Creo with PTC Windchill was a good call. Narae Nanotech now gets through the design approval process 67% faster than before. Projects reach the market 25% faster too.

Narae Nanotech’s CEO says that the company is continuing to “write new success stories” every day, and we’re proud that PTC Creo is helping with that success.

Find out more about how companies benefit from PTC CAD with PDM solutions.

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