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From the University Lab to Market: How SolMateS Revolutionized Manufacturing

Something very big is going on inside your electronic equipment. So big that it’s—rather tiny. What I mean is that in the world of high tech, companies are continuing to fit more and more sophistication into smaller spaces than ever before. Take SolMateS, a start up from the Netherlands, and its work in thin film […]

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Design News: Engineers Cheer ‘Multi-CAD’ Strategy

Software maker PTC drew applause and cheers from an audience of 1,800 engineers at PTC Live Global 2013 this week when it announced it will offer a “multi-CAD” strategy early next year. During a keynote address on the future of product design, PTC executives mentioned that customers “will be able to use data from other […]

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MCADCafe: PTC Creo Apps Coming to the Virtual Desktop

Last week at its annual user conference, PTC announced that some of its PTC Creo design and analysis applications will be available and supported later this month in a Virtual Desktop environment. Five Creo apps – PTC Creo Parametric (formerly Pro/ENGINEER), PTC Creo Direct (formerly CoCreate), PTC Creo Layout, PTC Creo Options Modeler, and PTC […]

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Appliance Maker Adds 25% Cushion to Design Cycle with PTC Creo and PTC Windchill

First and foremost, Guangzhou Wanbao wants you to be comfortable. Is your bath water warm enough? Is it getting stuffy in this room? Need more ice in your drink? Wanbao is on it. China-based Guangzhou Wanbao specializes in household appliances, air conditioners, and water heaters. With $143 million in capital, six production sites, and more […]

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Design News: CAD Maker Works to Smooth 3D Printing Process

For 3D printing to make the jump from rapid prototyping to manufacturing, engineers will need to find easier ways to move products from their CAD screens to their printers. And while that may be a difficult task, it is nevertheless doable, software experts told Design News. “The printer has the ability to print and the […]

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Tech Toys 360: The World’s Most Expensive Beer

For the past few months, we’ve been profiling products made by PTC customers–all featured in the TV show Tech Toys 360. If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen million dollar sports cars, personal helicopters, and a dozen other examples of “vehicles, gadgets, and gear” for those with a little extra disposable income. But if you’re […]

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Automation World: Connecting MES and PLM

GE Intelligent Platforms, a provider of manufacturing operations management (MOM) software, is joining the PTC PartnerAdvantage program. The companies will reportedly work together to integrate GE’s Proficy software applications with PTC’s design software to help manufacturers close the loop between product design and production execution on the shop floor. Now comes news that the wheels […]

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Will 3D Printing Technology Usher in the Next Industrial Revolution?


No new technology has spurred as much buzz and excitement in the world of product development in recent years as the introduction of affordable 3D printing. A technology once prohibitively expensive for manufacturers to use in-house, 3D printing was left to the expertise of specialized service bureaus. Today, however, with falling prices and the growing […]

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On Monday, June 10th 2013, PTC announced their intention to include the ability for Creo 3.0 to open 3D models that are in various native formats. Creo 3.0 is planned to be released in the first half of 2014. Capabilities Provided OK. So what exactly will Creo be able to do here? Here’s the run […]

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First Responders Depend on Benchmade Safety Cutters; That’s why Benchmade Depends on PTC Creo

Police officers, paramedics, fire fighters, and even everyday citizens are sometimes referred to as “Sheep Dogs.” This title is earned by people who can selflessly step in and save lives when confronted by a life-threatening situation. Essentially, these good guys watch over the “sheep,” and protect them from the wolves, or predators of this world. […]

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