Tech Toys 360: Looxcie Personal Video Camera

Sometimes cool, funky gizmos don’t cohabitate with usefulness, but this wearable video camera, called the Looxcie (pronounced “Look, See”), is different. It’s different from wearing those helmet cams and camera sunglasses and infinitely better than gorilla-taping an iPhone to your head.

For starters, the Looxcie camera doubles as a Bluetooth device with twin microphones and digital noise reduction. The camera also connects with an app on your IOS or Android device so you can edit and stream videos to the Internet (no AV equipment required).

Looxcie, a PTC customer, was featured on the first season of Tech Toys 360, a Discovery Velocity channel TV show that features “vehicles, gadgets, and gear.”

In case you need help visualizing how you might use a video camera that looks like an earphone, we offer these ideas from our own busy imaginations:

Real-life example #1: The Envy Creator

Everyone’s excited about your dude’s trip of the year to ride Moab – everyone except the poor guy who had to stay at home for some nominal excuse. What would any good bro do? Create a live stream so stay-at-home sad guy can watch your gnarly runs, drool a little bit, drink a little more, and maybe let a tear drop.

Real-life example #2: The Moment Getter

At your daughter’s soccer game and she just makes the winning goal – not before knocking down two other girls and kicking the little boy goalie in the shins. She may be only five, but she’s on her way! Hit the little button on the Looxcie and you’ve just saved the past 30 seconds of adorable goal-making sassiness straight to your phone or the internet to share with your family or anyone else (like the goalie’s mom).

Real-life example #3: The Looxcie, Do, See Teacher

Engineers equal tinkerers equal fixers. When you want to show someone how to do something right, like, wax a set of skis, now you can demonstrate step-by-step and they can watch you live-stream and talk to you. All of a sudden, the simplicity of a hands-free camera that doubles as a Bluetooth so you can demonstrate and chat with your ski-waxing protégé becomes a beautiful concept.

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  1. Ted S.
    Posted Jul 2, 2013 at 1:49 pm | Permalink

    Looxcie also offers an HD version:

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