Direct Modeling: What Every CAD User Should Know


Most of us learned 3D modeling using the parametric modeling approach. Features are built into models, with each new feature related to the features that preceded it, and so on.  But if you follow this blog, or the CAD industry in general, you know that there’s another approach—direct modeling.

Analysts and product designers have been debating the plusses and minuses of direct modeling for years. And more recently, software vendors have been looking for ways to put the best of both approaches into their CAD offerings.

So, as a design or engineering professional, what do you need to know about direct modeling really?

You could do a thorough review of all the different vendors, read the trade magazines, examine what’s working and what’s not in your own development processes, and contact sales reps for various demos. But my guess is that you have actual products to develop.

If you’re just a little curious about direct modeling, but a bit too busy to fully dive into the subject, I recommend this new 4-minute overview from Allison and Vince at the Product Design Show. They’ll quickly explain how direct modeling works, why it’s different from traditional parametric modeling, and when to use which approach.

No piles of magazines, no internal process assessments, no sales reps. Just you, Vince, Allison, and the play button below.

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