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2013 Research Report Highlights Industry Interoperability and Collaboration Issues

Chad Jackson, Founder of Lifecycle Insights, and Dave Prawel, Founder of Longview Advisors, recently completed their 2013 research report on interoperability and collaboration trends and issues in the manufacturing industry. With over 800 survey respondents, the 2013 report is a covers the following three major areas: Design Data Interoperability Model-Based Enterprise Initiatives The Expansion of 3D in the […]

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Tech Toys 360: Looxcie Personal Video Camera

Sometimes cool, funky gizmos don’t cohabitate with usefulness, but this wearable video camera, called the Looxcie (pronounced “Look, See”), is different. It’s different from wearing those helmet cams and camera sunglasses and infinitely better than gorilla-taping an iPhone to your head. For starters, the Looxcie camera doubles as a Bluetooth device with twin microphones and […]

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PTC Express: Leveraging and Repurposing Design Data with PTC Creo’s Flexible Modeling

PTC Creo and the PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) provides the ideal solution by making it possible to change the design without having to take the design intent into account and while leaving the original design intent in place so it can be used in the future if needed. KTM, a manufacturer of motorsports […]

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Specialized Smoothes Out the Bumps with 3D CAD

When Specialized Bicycles premiered its Enduro model with 29-inch wheels earlier this year, it rocked the bike world. Enduro models are mountain bikes specially created for extended off-road riding—traditionally with a standard 26-inch wheel. The 29er is “a bike that no one predicted would ever be built,” writes Bike Magazine.  “And why should it when […]

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Prepare for Last-Minute Changes: Download FMX Free!


I remember my first product development cycle. I was at a different company, years ago. We had carefully researched product specs, mapped plans, and agreed on timelines. I worked hard and promised to catch up with my neglected friends the day after the product went to manufacturing. If you’ve been through more than one development […]

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PTC Tightens Up Product Development at MEI

Deep within the grease and grit that keeps your auto brakes working, there’s a slack adjuster. I know some of you are vehicle design pros, and you already know what that means. But for those of you who just head to the repair shop when the squeal in your brakes gets annoying, I’ll explain it […]

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Stock Your Idea Pipeline Through Better Brainstorming


Innovation is the goal of all new product development. It is what enables profits to grow and what keeps an organization ahead of its competition. Generating product innovation requires the collective creativity of a team of people, a team that has greatly expanded and now includes those from non-technical disciplines. As the dynamics of design […]

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Load ‘Em Up! Stackers, Conveyors, and Advanced Assembly

Mineral resources come out of the ground and are then processed into energy, fertilizer, steel, and so on. We all kind of knew that already. But while mining and processing minerals are complex on their own, transporting the big loads of materials between the mine and processing plants also presents a unique, and fascinating, set […]

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TERA Semicon Drives Its Own Destiny with CAD and PDM

When you read the history of TERA Semicon, you can see right away that the company has had a strong vision and direction from Day 1. The South Korean company began developing high-temperature heat treatment equipment in 2002 during what it calls its “foundation phase.” It established an in-house research facility, and it laid the […]

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When Physical Prototypes Aren’t an Option

I can think of a lot of items that you might build, test, scrap, build again, test again,  scrap again, and so on until you have exactly the product you want. Luxury yachts are not one of them. They’re too expensive for any meaningful physical mock up. You need to know before you start sanding […]

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