Should Analysis Be Left to the Analysts?

As technology grows, we all take on roles that were once saved for experts.  We all book our own travel, touch up our own photos, and find our way without stopping at the filling station to ask directions.

In the world of 3D CAD, new technical developments are also making it easier for designers to do the jobs typically performed by analysts. In one CAD package, we can sketch an idea, build the detailed model, push a button, and then see if moving parts knock into each other or small features become overly stressed under real-world loads. Clearly, there are benefits to introducing analysis early in design.

But this all begs the question: Should designers be playing analyst?

On one hand, the earlier you run simulation, the better your design and the faster you can turn out robust products. Yet wouldn’t it make more sense to have expert analysts running those early simulations? And if designers can play analyst, why shouldn’t analysts play designer by taking the design into their own hands?

Those are the questions Jim Brown and Chad Jackson debate in this episode of Tech4PD show.

No matter what role you play in product development, you might find this an interesting episode to chew on. How companies ultimately solve the dilemma may tell us a lot about where our roles in the organization are heading, how resources are best used, and what software vendors can do to better accommodate the forever shifting landscape of product development.

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