PTC CAD with PDM Speed Product Development by 30%

JSC Dneprovagonmash is a company based in the Ukraine that recently celebrated its 85th birthday. Despite years of economic upheaval in the region, the company has emerged as a leading manufacturer of rail cars, with a catalog of more than 150 models of “vagon” (or “вагон” in Cyrillic).


Worldwide Industrial Strength Rail

If you pay attention, no matter where you live, you’ll notice that there are many, many kinds of freight cars on the tracks. We need different cars specially built to haul coal, coke, ore, pellets, agglomerate, metal-roll, slabs, and ingots. And those are just the raw materials!

Dneprovagonmash specializes in just this sort of rolling stock. The company’s freight cars are designed to take into account what materials will be hauled, loading and unloading requirements, whether the load needs to be covered, etc. As such, the Dneprovagonmash line includes flat cars, gondola cars, boxcars, hopper cars, dump cars, specialty cars, and bunker cars.

These company vagons serve industries in countries all around the world, from Cuba to China, Nigeria to the Baltics, and myriad nations in between.

Double-Digit Growth

At its main production plant in Dnepropetrovsk, the company can simultaneously manufacture up to 8 different types of cars, with a total yearly production of up to 5,000 units per year.

While many manufacturers across the world have struggled over the past few years, and the Ukraine was hard hit by the 2008 recession, Dneprovagonmash has become uniquely positioned to meet the expanding demand for freight cars in the region. In fact, the company has built up production by 53% in 2011 alone.

But with success, a growing product line, and decades of history, you can imagine that design data might begin to get out of control, like a runaway train. Engineering and design data needs to be managed. Add to that concurrent engineering projects, large assembly management, and collaboration between different departments, and things can get off track rather quickly.

Open Hopper

CAD + PDM Keeps Dneprovagonmash on the Rails

For a company like Dneprovagonmash, using 3D CAD together with product data management (PDM) is vital. With an authorized PTC reseller, the Dneprovagonmash team deployed PTC solutions to make the most of its design process and data. The company adopted PTC Creo to better support large assembly management and drawing creation, and also to improve the company’s adherence to local drawing standards.

For PDM, the company selected PTC Windchill PDMLink. With the PTC solution, Dneprovagonmash has centralized access to technical information across the company, significantly improved collaboration, and allowed for visualization of the complete design for team members beyond CAD designers.

The results so far are impressive:

  • Accelerated overall product development time by 30%.
  • Improved design data management efficiency by 25%.
  • Eliminated countless design errors by automating the approval process.

Longer term, with CAD and PDM deployed, the company can now support many strategic customer initiatives. For example, Dneprovagonmash can implement electronic product structure management and configuration and change management.

“With PDM, we can now leverage the power of concurrent engineering while working with a single source for all CAD and non-CAD data,” says Inna Slusar, Deputy Chief Designer. “This speeds up our design process, and lays a sound foundation for future expansion plans.”

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