A Trip to the User Community

If you’re interested in PTC Creo, you should know about our PTC Creo Community. It includes a very active forum, user-submitted documents, news, profiles, and models from our uses. It’s a good place to find out what other users are talking about, get advice on your designs, give advice to someone who’s just starting out, or share the models you’re most proud of.

That said, do you want to nerd out on some CAD designs?

These are selections from PTC Creo user-submitted models that the community site has collected in the past year or so. They tend to be more fun than technical, and that’s what makes a visit to the user community web site a great virtual field trip. Ready?

 F4U Corsair model

F4U Corsair model by user DavorGranic. This is just one of several rendered models in Davor’s PTC Creo Airforce.

Here’s another toy model. This one from ShuniXiao. Many users can’t upload their day-to-day models for proprietary reasons. But for fun, both pros and students like their toys. Shuni has contributed several toy car renderings to the user site.

Toy Car

This one comes from user VladimirPalffy. Vladimir uploaded several rendered models of gems and precious metals. Simple, but striking work.

 Precious metal

The following three come from SushantaDas and help show off the versatility of PTC Creo, from home items to whimsical baby fish:

electric toothbrush



Speaking of home items, this innovative furniture comes from VladimirPalffy also. Vladimer is a frequent contributor and has uploaded several furniture designs—all of them beautiful and interesting.

  modern furniture

Here’s one that’s a little more tech-y for those who are more engineer-y. The Taur 1, a hand-held testing device with a clear plastic cover.

Hand Held Tester

And cartoons? Yes, please. This one is from Jayabharathwaj Venkataraman. This drawing was uploaded in response to a contest for unconventional uses of PTC Creo Sketch.

The Great Moustachio

 And I think this a favorite for everyone.


There are many, many more user-submitted designs in the user community.  Go over and visit any time you need some inspiration, want to share an idea you’re excited about, or just need a little like-minded company.

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