CAD and PDM Together Help Italy’s IPC Build a Global Powerhouse

When several top Italian machinery companies merged in 2005, they created one of the world’s most comprehensive producers of cleaning equipment–Integrated Professional Cleaning, or IPC. It was a smart move for the Italian-based group, and IPC became a powerhouse in its industry.

But as with most mergers, there were technical issues.

Specifically, the different companies didn’t all bring the same CAD application to IPC. For example, one company used Think3 for concept design, while others modeled in SolidWorks. Each of the different companies had its own location of course. And, the new umbrella company had no way to centralize, share, and easily use the mountains of design data that came with each member of the new family.

Merging companies often find themselves in this same situation. It can turn even the most natural partnerships into a nightmare. But that’s not what happened at IPC.

Instead, IPC worked to find a CAD and product data management (PDM) solution that would turn its diversity into a strength.

“After a very long and in depth benchmarking of CAD and PLM solutions, we found that PTC offered the best fit for our needs and distributed organizations,” says Dott. Ermenegildo Casarin, CIO, IPC.

First, IPC deployed PTC Creo. We’ve talked many times recently in this blog about PTC Creo’s benefits to anybody who works in a multi-CAD environment. In addition, PTC Creo is accessible (that is, easy to use) for the many different roles and jobs in a product development company. Team members can use the software to pitch a fresh idea, create a detailed model, virtual prototype the design, or download interactive visuals for a sales meeting. It’s also powerful for making late changes to established designs, no matter their source.

Second, IPC chose PTC Windchill PDMLink. We haven’t talked as much about data and lifecycle management in this blog, but we will. PTC Windchill PDMLink is PTC’s solution for mid-sized companies, especially those that need to centralize product development data from different sites–companies exactly like IPC.

For IPC, PTC Windchill PDMLink seamlessly integrated with PTC Creo, so that now distributed, cross-enterprise groups can collaborate from concept design to manufacturing. With a PDM solution in place, team members in all of IPC’s business units can reliably find, version, reuse, and share data from anywhere in the enterprise.

When IPC formed 8 years ago, it aimed to capitalize on the experience and competencies that each of its new businesses brought to the organization.  It saw its new size as an advantage that would allow it to offer specialized products across multiple markets. We’re proud to say that PTC Creo and PTC Windchill PDMLink are the perfect software solutions to support that vision.

Watch IPC’s solutions for high rise buildings in action:

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