De Anza College: PTC Creo Delivers a Clear Academic Advantage

Stationed in the heart of Silicon Valley, the CAD program at De Anza College makes sure the local needs for engineering skills are met. With over 10,000 students and professionals under the De Anza CAD course belt, De Anza College stays competitive by creating courses around what the industry is using. That’s why they teach PTC Creo.

The Challenge. Gary Lamit, Instructor and Department Head of the CAD and Digital Imaging Center at De Anza, has challenges that mimic the real world of design: a) find the best software, b) cater to a dispersed classroom (team), c) ensure a swift ramp-up phase so students can deliver within a semester (teams meeting tight deadlines), and d) provide quick and easy assessment of students’ work.

When it came to helping both student and teacher, PTC Creo came out on top. But an engineer always needs empirical evidence. Here’s how Lamit found his.

The Solution. For a while, Lamit used the same curriculum and projects on both Pro/ENGINEER® Wildfire® and PTC Creo. The side-by-side comparison showed that the PTC Creo students had an advantage.

Student/ Engineer. For student engineers, PTC Creo proves more efficient. Lamit remarks that the students who use PTC Creo “complete the 12 lessons 40-60% faster due to the new user interface making it so much quicker to navigate.” He adds, “The overall ease of use of PTC Creo and the command search alone has been huge.”

Instructor/Manager. Like managers or customers, Lamit was spending too much downtime opening hefty models. Now, Lamit provides quick and easy feedback using PTC Creo View, a program that doesn’t require the reviewer to open the entire CAD model.

Learning. The inherent nature of PTC Creo encourages collaboration across distances. Since the majority of Lamit’s courses cater to distance learning students, Lamit leverages learning media from PTC University eLearning Libraries. As an eLearning author himself, Lamit contributes curriculum to PTC University for his advanced courses, including his Sheet Metal and Surfacing classes.

Could PTC Creo noticeably improve your real-world design challenges? If you have time, read the full DeAnza Case Study here.

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