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PTC Creo Interactive: More Showing, Less Telling

Software vendors can be a little difficult to follow, I know. We tend to fall in love with space-saving adjectives and try to pack two pages of a product description into a single bullet point: Comprehensive auto-assisted duplex multi-tonics system Tele-sensitive vendor-oriented and –capacitive output Polyp-neutral terabyte-loaded flow editable and edible! None of that means […]

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Faster Search, Fewer Start-Overs: Shanghai Optics School Adopts PDM and PTC Creo

The Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM) is the largest institute specializing in laser science and technology in China.  With multiple areas of research interest, hundreds of employees, and several CAD systems, SIOM found itself with thousands of poorly managed models and drawings. Here’s how they fixed it. Too Much Data, Too Hard […]

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In preparation for March Madness, let’s throw you into the game. In this game of design you’re the point guard, PTC Creo is your court, and all those players on the court are apps with specific skills that you open with a mighty click of the mouse. Import/export nightmares are gone, and every day is […]

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Mobile Apps Help Streamline Workflows, Improve Productivity


Full-blown mobile CAD might not be quite ready for prime time, but there are plenty of mobile apps out there that are being used today to improve engineering workflows. After all, engineering, and product development specifically, entail more than just creating CAD models. There’s concept development, design collaboration, data management, bidding, supplier sourcing, and on-site […]

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Getting your hands on PTC Creo Parametric


Finding it difficult to convince your company that PTC Creo Parametric is an obvious purchase? Maybe it’s time to turn to covert ops. Take design life in your own hands and download a trial. Risk-free, Pain-free. This is a sneaky op that pays off. Experience a new approach to 3D CAD Design FREE for 30 […]

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New CAD System? Why PDM Makes Sense Now

Congratulations, you’ve decided to purchase a new CAD system. You look forward to creating new products in 3D, impressing clients with full renderings of your models, digitally prototyping and analyzing designs, and even adding animations to assembly instructions. It’s a good choice that will lead to immediate return on investment. But have you thought about […]

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Desktop Engineering Read: Buyer’s Guide: Multi-CAD Management

Complex Puzzle - via flickr:jugbo

A  five-page PDF, “CAD Selection Considerations: Multi-CAD Management: Dealing  with Third-Party CAD Data” has what you need to rough out your switch to a CAD  system that better enables you to work with third-party, in-house, and legacy  CAD data. Written by CIMdata, this paper is a straightforward presentation  that’s hosted on a PTC website. The […]

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De Anza College: PTC Creo Delivers a Clear Academic Advantage

Stationed in the heart of Silicon Valley, the CAD program at De Anza College makes sure the local needs for engineering skills are met. With over 10,000 students and professionals under the De Anza CAD course belt, De Anza College stays competitive by creating courses around what the industry is using. That’s why they teach […]

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The Future of Crowdsourcing in Product Design


There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the so-called democratization of design, a trend helped along by the Internet’s ability to harness the masses and “crowdsource” opinion with the hope of spawning innovation. By definition, crowdsourcing is the process of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group […]

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The Daily: CWRU, NASA and PTC put students to work on aerospace, manufacturing projects

Case Western Reserve University, NASA Glenn Research Center and software-maker PTC are teaming up to put students to work on real aerospace projects, manufacturing problems and more, with tools used in the industry. Case Western Reserve is the second university nationwide to become a host of NASA’s Strategic Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering […]

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