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Innovator of the Month: Testing the Waters with Aquamatic Samplers

Aquamatic has been chosen as the ConnectPress Innovator of the Month Pick for January 2013 for taking the leap from 2D into 3D. The Innovator of the Month highlights’s picks on companies innovating in manufacturing. PTC Creo’s Direct Modeling Delivers Easiest Approach for 2D Designers to Add 3D Industry needs water. Power plants, food processors, […]

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Documentary Video Highlights Thrill Seeker, College Park, and PTC Creo

College Park Industries, a company that makes super  high-tech prosthetic devices, and Reggie Showers,  a motorcycle racer, snowboard instructor, rock climber, and College Park customer recently partnered with PTC for a new customer documentary video. Find out more about Showers, College Park, and how PTC Creo makes engineering excellence possible and practical in our newest customer […]

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Forces to Be Reckoned With

Look at this design with me. Here’s the larger assembly. It’s a formula SAE competition race car. Look closer: This is a section of the front left brake/suspension assembly. Now look at this single part: the bracket attached to the spring near the top. What do you think? If you were a student and this […]

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Design News: PTC Creo 2.0 Finalist in Golden Mousetrap Award

2012 Golden Mousetrap Finalist

In January, 2013, Design News announced that PTC Creo 2.0 is a 2012 finalist in its annual Golden Mousetrap Awards. The awards recognize engineering innovation and creativity in product design and the PTC Creo award was given in category of Design Tools. A record number of entries was received this year and distributed to Design News’ editors […]

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Exploring the Benefits of Digital Prototyping


Manufacturers today face a daunting reality. Increased global competition seems to be popping up everywhere, customers are increasingly finicky, and products must be designed faster—and at less cost—than ever before. Improving product development processes through the deployment of innovative design technologies may be what sets them apart, and hopefully ahead, of their competition. One of […]

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PTC Creo Layout makes quick 3D work out of 2D designs


Since its infancy, 2D and 3D CAD design have been fundamentally different.  If you wanted to use your 2D drawing to make your 3D design, you’d either have to import 2D information or completely recreate what you already designed in 2D for 3D. With PTC Creo Layout, that 2D to 3D challenge is solved. Built […]

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PTC Express: Cutting-Edge Designs from PTC Creo Parametric Freestyle

As companies upgrade blocky legacy designs to make them more stylized and ergonometric, they more than ever need specialized tools capable of defining the flowing surfaces that usually distinguish cutting-edge industrial design. But traditional industrial design tools are not capable of producing mathematically-precise, functional and manufacturable designs. It’s usually necessary to use separate tools for […]

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It’s Never Too Late to Explore a Better Design

In product development, there’s concept design, and then there’s detailed design. There’s exploring new ideas, and then there’s getting down to solids and features. They’re two very different steps in design, and they’re typically planned for different points in the development cycle. But what if they’re not? That is, what if you need to do […]

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Shortcutting Concept Design?

Orphiro Concept Design

Good designers know the value of exploring multiple ideas. But most say they can’t do as much as they’d like—there simply isn’t enough time. That’s too bad, because research shows that when it comes to concept design, quantity beats quality! That’s right, study after study finds that the best results come when designers are rewarded […]

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College Park Industries: 400,000+ Design Variations Bring Back Healthy, Active Lives

When I first met the team at College Park Industries, a company that makes super  high-tech prosthetic devices, I assumed that they make those springy feet you see on para-athletic runners in the news. “No,” they told me. “We make the feet those runners put on after the race is over!” They explained that their […]

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