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Desktop Engineering: Meshing Your Design for Analysis: Which Path to Take?

The target audience for doing analysis within CAD programs is the generalist mechanical engineer (as well as an analyst), and that person may or may not have also created the geometry. With this group in mind, Christos Katsis, PTC vice president of R&D simulation software, notes his company’s PTC Creo Simulate software tries to automate […]

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Explore, Create, Suggest, Evolve: Concept Design with PTC Creo

New concept ideas are rarely “new.” More often they’re offshoots or modifications of previous designs. PTC asked designers and others in product design how common this practice is*, and 45% said concept designs at their respective companies are generated by directly leveraging existing designs. A total of 23% said that they heavily borrow from previous […]

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5 Best Practices to Follow to Improve Engineering Change Management


Bringing innovative products to market ahead of your competitors provides a sizeable opportunity for manufacturers to increase profitability. Doing so, however, requires them to optimize product development processes. Though making changes to designs, as they process through the development cycle is a necessity, engineering change management has become a significant bottleneck in the process. According […]

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5 Ways to Save Yourself Before the Year Ends with PTC Creo 2.0


Who knows if the Mayan calendar is right, but either way, Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. Time to put your design tricks in the big man’s hat. Here are five ways to get one last productivity burst this week. Monday: Shortcut menus and travel The less mouse travel you have to […]

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Designed with PTC Creo: A dozen designs, a dozen awards

PTC Creo-designed products picked up more than a dozen iF awards this year for excellence in design, communication, and packaging. Here are just a few of them: Heavy equipment designed with PTC Creo earned iF awards for the following manufacturers: John Deere with its the 944K Wheel Loader AGCO and its Fendt 700 Vario Tractor […]

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7 Ways We Improved PTC Creo in 2012 (That You May Have Missed)

You probably know that we released a new revision of PTC Creo in 2012. PTC Creo 2.0 added the PTC Creo Options Modeler app, concept design tools, and workflow productivity improvements. We’re proud of the release and worked hard to make sure you knew about it. But much happened these past few months that might have […]

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PTC wins 2012 Leadership in Engineering Award

In its December 2012 issue, Design World announced that PTC is the 2012 Software Category Winner in its annual Leadership in Engineering program.  It was the sixth year the awards have taken place – acknowledging engineering leadership and bestowing industry recognition to organizations across several disciplines. The 2012 Leadership in Engineering categories were: Advanced Materials, […]

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CAD Tools Must Provide Modeling Flexibility


Engineering by definition is the application of scientific and mathematical principles to solve problems. Problem solving is inherently a fluid process, one that continues to flow and evolve until a final solution is found. As such, optimizing a new product design must involve exploring, iterating, changing, testing, and changing again. After all, until something—an ideal, […]

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2D, 3D Parametric, or 3D Direct– Which is Best for Design?

With PTC Creo, designers can chose the best approach and tool to match their needs. They can choose different approaches for different stages of design: A direct modeling approach might be more appropriate for concept development, while a parametric model is just right for creating data-rich 3D detailed models with built-in intelligence to optimize downstream […]

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Interview with Mike Brattoli from Moen – The priceless experience of being a PTC Live Global presenter


Planning for PTC Live Global 2013 is well underway and we have put out the annual Call for Presentations. In conversations with some of our customers we have heard a bit of this: “I don’t have time to present”, “I don’t think I have a story to share” or even “What do I get out […]

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