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Integrative Thinking and Experimentalism in Design Thinking

Integrative thinking is so very important today.  For CST covers, stepping out of their storage tank roots and into modern architecture required creativity and an openness to all ideas. For over 100 years CST has designed storage tanks and aluminum covers, so the project of creating an architectural canopy for a library in Washington D.C. […]

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PTC Express: 10 Cool Features in PTC Creo Parametric 2.0

Nancy Pardo, from PTC, reviews the top 10  enhancements and additions to PTC Creo Parametric available in version 2.0. All users upgrading to this release can  experience the new capabilities, including the new sheetmetal flat pattern preview window, improved model tree searching, and streamlined measuring. Read the full article.

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Do Parametric and Direct Modeling Mix? (Part 2)

Can you truly get the best of both parametric and direct modeling in one place? Part 1 of this series detailed how PTC Creo Parametric with the Creo Flexible Modeling Extension blends both approaches to modeling in one environment, with a common data model. We talked about how PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension can lead […]

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Visualizations Facilitate Decision-Making Throughout Supply Chain

Time to rest - 42/365

One of the biggest challenges today for manufacturers is how to manage the flow of product data throughout today’s extensive design supply chains. They are finding it increasingly challenging to make effective product-related decisions due to expanded technical complexities and ever-expanding supply chains that greatly increase the number of people with a stake in the […]

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Red Dot Design Award: Showcase of 2012 Winners


Recently, red dot celebrated the recipients of its coveted red dot Product Design Awards, and guess what? Many companies using PTC Creo were among the winners. The annual red dot design award goes back to 1955 and is one of the world’s largest and most distinguished design competitions.  An international jury selects the winners based […]

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Design Tools Must Facilitate Rapid Model Changes


“Jack be nimble, Jack be quick” and so should today’s manufacturers. In order to survive in today’s fast-moving, globally competitive world, manufacturers must be agile and highly responsive to rapid market changes, changes in a supplier network, or any other type of change in product requirements. Their product development process must also be nimble, flexible, […]

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Exploring Model-based Engineering


The process of product development has changed significantly since the advent of modern parametric, feature-based 3D CAD software. Today, the 3D model has become an enriched gem of IP filled with intelligence that is tapped by nearly everyone involved in the creation, manufacture and support of today’s products. That 3D model is also leveraged continuously […]

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Do Parametric and Direct Modeling Mix? (Part 1)

During product design, teams are often forced to compromise when it comes to using CAD software. Most users are limited to one 3D modeling paradigm – either parametric or direct – for all jobs. Recently, however, vendors have begun to offer CAD tools that they say provide both paradigms. Unfortunately, these tools typically require you […]

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The Evolutionary Nature of Concept Designs


There is little argument that concept design is one of the most important phases of the entire product development process. It is here when new product ideas are tossed around, flushed out, vetted, discussed, tested, refined and eventually pushed forward to detailed design. It is also here where most (60%-75%) of total product development costs […]

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Best of PTC Creo: Concept Design Software Talk and Tools

Concept design. From the first napkin sketch to detailed 3D modeling, concept design is the most dynamic phase in product development. It can be exciting, sexy, and artistically satisfying all at once. But it can also make or break your products. We’ve written a lot about it over the past year. More importantly, we’ve introduced […]

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