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CAD Mobility on the Rise

The reality of the world today is that people are almost never completely unplugged. Thanks to an onslaught of free or low-cost mobile apps and the growing prevalence of smartphones and tablets, people can do literally anything from anywhere. That trend is naturally migrating to the work world as well. Nearly all the major CAD […]

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PTC Creo + NVIDIA® Quadro®: A Perfect Combination of Design and Performance

With Creo 2.0, you get dynamic viewing and real-time rendering along with new sketching, part modeling, large assemblies, freestyle, sheet metal, 3D Annotation, measuring, and cross-sectioning capabilities. That’s why we partnered with NVIDIA to deliver dramatic graphics acceleration for your 3D design. How dramatic? Up to 4x the performance you get with Creo Parametric 1.0, […]

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PTC Sponsors 2013 Real World Design Challenge

High School Students to Design Unmanned Aircraft System to Locate Lost Children and an Ultra Fuel-Efficient Commercial Truck to Protect Fuel and Energy Reserves The Real World Design Challenge is a national design competition with more than 7,800 high school students run by a public-private partnership with the goal of inspiring interest in science, technology, […]

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Design Thinking. Bringing Empathy and Collaboration to Your Designs

Delving into how your customer will use your design can be a great way to starting creating. But the nuts and bolts of getting your team to realize the end user’s plight can be a long process. And so the term “design thinking” is born into a world of industrial creation. Some companies are using […]

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Extended Design Supply Chains Increase Need for Multi-CAD Support

Increasing productivity through streamlined product development is what sets apart successful product manufacturers from their competitors and what enables them to deliver innovative products to market faster. One of the critical capabilities of these market “winners” is the ability to efficiently juggle CAD data in multiple formats, a reality born out of increasingly dispersed design […]

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Creo Customer: UK Team Develops More Precise, More Affordable Micromachining

Remember Innerspace, the 1987 movie about a man who, miniaturized in a secret experiment, was accidentally injected into a hapless store clerk? In the movie, a full-size vessel was shrunk so small, it fit in the store clerk’s blood stream. Twenty-five years later, the tiny technology is here. Industry can now manufacture products using machines accurate […]

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FastCompany: The 11 Winners Of Our Innovation By Design Awards

1,700 entries. 56 finalists. And last night, Fast Company named the 11 winners of their Innovation by Design Awards. One winner was Creo customer Embrace: Last night, Fast Company threw a huge celebration of the past year of design. Technically, it was an awards show for our 2012 Innovation by Design Awards, featuring the best […]

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The Evolution of Product Design Tools

Creating a solid concept design process is imperative to the success of a final product. Companies are seeing the concept design stage for the goldmine it is and turning it into both a professional discipline and a social science. For example, one group at Apple creates ten concept mock-ups for each new product. These aren’t […]

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TheManufacturer: BaByliss gets a makeover with PTC Creo


Originally posted October 15 by Jim Brown on Professional grooming products maker BaByliss has selected PTC Creo for the development and design of its hair care products. The global company said it standardised its operations on the PTC CAD solution to support the ever-increasing market demand for trendy, innovative and revolutionary products and to […]

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Concept Design: To Be or Not to Be 3D


Creating innovative new products is what keeps organizations alive and profitable in today’s brutally competitive global markets. The ability of a manufacturer to develop successful, innovative products often hinges on how well it fosters, fleshes out and evolves new ideas and concepts into new products. Organizations that afford their designers and engineer the luxury of […]

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