Learning Creo 2.0: Instructors may be your best (and most affordable) tool

It makes sense that if you’re going to buy the race car, then you’re not going to skimp on the race tires, and sometimes you even buy the driving suit. So when it comes to investing in a technology like Creo 2.0, investing in your users by providing solid training is just as important. With PTC’s wealth of training resources, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Help tools, like LearningConnector, are excellent after you’ve gained the basic skills and knowledge required to use Creo. To really be effective in Creo, though, you’ll want to turn to web-based training, eLearning Libraries, or Instructor-led Training.

Instructor-led Training (ILT) is perhaps the most comprehensive and traditional of all the training we and our partners offer. Here’s a quick guide to why you want it, where you get it, and how much it costs.

The Experts. PTC University has trained tens of thousands of PTC users. These trainers are learning consultants for your most harrowing problems. With ILT, you harness not only the instructors’ knowledge, but in a classroom environment, students cross-train each other too. Chances are that you’ll forget a few things from the class (unless you have a freakish ability to remember everything you learn). Not to worry – ILT sustains you for an entire year.

The Package. The ILT package includes the class, the associated web-based training (and all lab files) for one year, and a training guide for easy reference later on. The web-based training includes self-assessment tools that show you how much of the training you have retained along with recommendations for further study.

The Details. Since effective training helps retain customers (and we want to keep our customers), ILT may be quicker and more affordable than you think without a payday loan. Classes are $450 a day per person (in North America). Refresher courses (users who are upgrading) are one or two days, while new user courses are up to five days. Just about every major city will have a PTC or Partner classroom, so you can head to the city or attend a class virtually. On-site classes are a better financial option for classes over eight students.

If you’re going to move to software that can increase your productivity by 30-50%, then it just makes sense to train your team with the most experienced instructors. Contact PTC today to discuss your training needs.

Helpful training links:

Creo has modules for every design discipline (i.e., from illustrator to industrial engineer). It’s important to hone the right training for you and your team with PTC’s role-based training material.

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