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Pro/ENGINEER Users: Modify Imported Models with Creo Parametric and FMX

Product development is increasingly collaborative and distributed and whether it’s acquired companies or working with clients or suppliers, dealing with different CAD systems and formats is now common place. The challenge? 6 in 10 CAD users find modifying models from other 3D CAD systems difficult (as reported in a 2011 PTC survey of over 7,000 […]

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Creo LinkedIn Group Surpasses 4,000 Members!

The official Creo group on LinkedIn has just surpassed 4,000 members! This is a great milestone for the group which was launched in December 2008. Back then, it was called “Pro/ENGINEER Users” but transitioned (along with us all!) to “Creo”- representing the entire design suite from PTC. Check out some of these neat LinkedIn stats […]

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Moving to Creo 2.0: What to do when IT says NO

For over a year you‘ve followed PTC out of its Pro/ENGINEER cave into a bright world of smaller, manageable apps and savvy graphics performance called Creo. But while you’re doing your Creo happy dance, IT is standing there with crossed arms shaking their head no. Drat. You need IT to say yes because they keep […]

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SCALEA Overcomes Multi-CAD Challenges with Creo


A few weeks ago we brought you SCALEA Innovation, makers of the ultimate and stylish stroller: Babyzen. The stroller unfolds single-handedly, stows as a carry-on, and is busy making European and American parents happy in urban centers. But what’s really interesting about SCALEA is they don’t just design upscale baby strollers. They have long-term partnerships […]

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Maximizing the Value of your MCAD System


Organizations spend significant amounts of money on their mechanical CAD systems, both in software licensing fees and hardware as well as on the training and support that are essential to ensuring maximum productivity. In fact proper and continual training is key to ensuring that engineers are making full use of all the available functionality—often buried […]

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Access a free eLearning trial through Creo 2.0

On the weekend of August 17 and 18, PTC University deployed a new release of Precision LMS, the learning management system that is the backbone of our eLearning Libraries.  This release contains several new capabilities of which we would specifically highlight one today — the LearningConnector for Creo 2.0 eLearning trial What is this eLearning trial and how can I access it? […]

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Pro/ENGINEER Users: Drive Late Stage Design Changes with Creo Parametric and FMX

You may have already watched Paul Sagar’s introduction to the Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX) for Creo Parametric. But how does this extension for Creo Parametric compare to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire when it comes to handling late stage design changes? Well for engineers genetically predisposed to seeing comparisons and asking why and how did Creo get […]

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VP of Design and Engineering Discusses Creo versus Pro/ENGINEER

A couple weeks ago, the Product Design Show featured tamaggo and their affordable 360 degree camera for the lay photographer. Tamaggo is on the cutting edge both in their product technology and in their design. Tamaggo designers started with Pro/ENGINEER WildFire 4.0 and quickly upgraded to Creo 1.0 and now use Creo 2.0. For tamaggo, […]

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Develop3D: Design Buzz Competition Winners


A few months ago DEVELOP3D announced a design competition to find a new or redesigned tool for the urban beekeeper. Beekeeping is undergoing a renaissance with many urban dwellers (including DEVELOP3D’s Tanya Weaver) joining the beekeeping ranks. Although new hives have come on the scene, a lot of the beekeeper’s tools are still very traditional […]

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Learning Creo 2.0: Instructors may be your best (and most affordable) tool

It makes sense that if you’re going to buy the race car, then you’re not going to skimp on the race tires, and sometimes you even buy the driving suit. So when it comes to investing in a technology like Creo 2.0, investing in your users by providing solid training is just as important. With […]

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