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Creo Customer: Lee Valley Tools Tinkers with Tradition

Non-powered hand tools are one of the leading causes of painful repetitive strain injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome (according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health). Awkward body positioning, too much force, and repeated movement with tools all conspire to cause swelling, which leads to constrained nerves, pain, numbness, and tingling. It’s not […]

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Passing the Baton: Ensuring Problem-free Design Hand-offs


Today’s complex products require the careful coordination of multiple disciplines. Mechanical engineers tasked with creating the overall product, while the electrical engineers must simultaneously design and lay out the internal electronics that provide many of today’s products with their functionality. Once those subsystems are complete and packaging or enclosure design finalized, the product model must […]

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Fast Company: The Prosthetic Foot That’s Helping Paralympic Athletes To Compete

Fast Company covers Creo customer College Park Industries with an Olympic twist: Don’t forget that directly following the Olympics comes the Paralympics. Those amazing athletes will have the benefit of this cutting edge technology to help them try to medal. Scott Sulprizio was an avid hang glider until the day in 2001 that he injured […]

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Creo Customer: Injecting Collaboration into Mold Making with Creo

When manufactures want precise high-quality plastic components, they turn to a handful of professionals in the injection molding industry. For Germany, one of these is Stettler Kunststofftechnik. This medium sized business specializes in the manufacturing of complex high-tolerance, high-quality polymer components. Stettler designs and develops high-quality injection molds capable of handling 50 plastic components per […]

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Design News Covers Design Agility

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be a fly on the wall for an interview between Design News’ Beth Stackpole, and PTC’s Sherry Fairbank and Mike Campbell. They were talking about the results of a PTC survey, shown in the infographic embedded in this post. The infographic focuses on two main challenges identified by CAD […]

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Obtaining Customer Validation Puts New Designs on the Right Path


Customers play a vital role in the creation of new products. Develop a product that fulfills their needs and they will flock to the shelves and buy it. Create a product that doesn’t and they will quickly turn their back on not only that product, but possibly its maker as well. Customers today are increasingly […]

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Creo Schematics: Powering the Olympics


The unsung hero of the 2012 London Olympic Games may very well be Aggreko, powering all the light, action, and broadcasting with temporary power generators. But this is not Aggreko’s first time around the track – it’s their 11th Olympic games. When Aggreko was awarded the contract for powering London 2012, it turned to Virtual […]

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Creo Customer: Game Changing 360 Degree Camera

Tamaggo says, “Say goodbye to lens attachments and stitched 360. Say hello to a new experience.” Weighing in at 7 oz, egg-shaped, and fitting snugly in the palm of your hand, this is a consumer camera that takes pictures with fully integrated panomorph technology. Perhaps a moment of silence should be reserved in admiration for […]

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Making a Return on your Investment: Move to Creo Parametric

As the CAD industry evolves, it’s inevitable that if you don’t upgrade your software you may be left in a previous era. But where do you start the CAD upgrade journey and how do you make it worth the investment? Good questions. Let’s explore the discussion items that make a big difference in the decision […]

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Change is Difficult: Flexible Modeling Tools to the Rescue


In today’s demanding product development environment, new products are typically not “new” in the truest sense, but actually modifications of previous designs. As a result, engineers require modeling tools that are flexible enough to facilitate making design changes at any time throughout the product development process, especially last-minute changes necessary to deliver products on time […]

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