Moving to Creo Parametric: Where to look for Resources

Need quick access for moving, upgrading, or learning all about Creo 2.0? Or maybe you’ve forgotten where some of those cool links are that you’ve seen in a previous article. Look no further. This is your resource link junction. So if you need a quick break, sit back, eat some lunch, and browse some of our best links for Creo 2.0.

Comparing Creo 2.0

Key links: Creo Version Comparison Chart, Reasons to Seriously Consider Creo 2.0

The many updates in Creo 2.0 expedite the concept design stage and make part and assembly modeling simpler. The Creo Version Comparison chart shows side-by-side how Creo 2.0 has evolved from its Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire and Creo 1.0 predecessors.

Moving to Creo 2.0
Key links: Creo for Pro/ENGINEER Users, Smackdown: Creo Parametric 2.0 goes head-to-head with Pro/ENGINEER

Technologies, like subdivisional modeling, make all the difference in how fast you design. Learn more about all the technology tricks that make Creo 2.0 faster than any CAD software you’ve ever used from our Creo for Pro/ENGINEER Users page. This page is a great resource for What’s New in Creo 2.0, Pro/ENGINEER comparisons, and demos and intros by product managers.

A particular favorite are the head-to-head comparison videos, where Creo 2.0 and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire create the same design in real-time (only Creo Parametric does it in half the time).

Using Creo 2.0

Key links: CommandFinder, LearningConnector, LearningExchange, Quick Reference card, New User Experience with Creo Parametric for Pro/ENGINEER users

As a Pro/ENGINEER user, Creo should already be familiar in a lot of ways, but if you get a little lost while using Creo 2.0…

CommandFinder helps you find those commands you used in Pro/ENGINEER easily in the new Creo 2.0 UI. The LearningExchange  gives you free tutorials and LearningConnector contains context sensitive help (all while you work). You can also always enlist the Quick Reference card that is a simple and useful introduction to key product areas and tasks.

Have you given Creo 2.0 a try yet? Maybe it’s time. Drop us a note and tell us what you think!

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