PlanetPTC Live Recap: Brian Thompson’s Creo Roadmap


Brian Thompson, Vice President of Product Management for Creo, led a PlanetPTC Live session on the Creo product roadmap.  You can watch the full presentation here. His agenda consisted of the Creo Strategy, Creo Roadmap Technology Roadmap, and Creo 2.0.  Thompson stated that many roles and technologies contribute to product development.  Each person chooses different software to use for their designs.  Creo wants to “give you access to all these applications to make sure that they’re suited properly for who you are in your company and where you are in your development process,” Thompson stated.  Creo addresses four main market pressures:

  1. Hard to use – Creo is easy to navigate.
  2. Interoperability – Creo can work with other software, and now with Creo Layout, 2D and 3D are able to work together
  3. Technology Lock-in – Creo can work with multiple CAD formats freely and easily
  4. Realistic Assembly Modeling – Creo 2.0 will be able to have a deep connection to PLM for CAD

Creo delivers four breakthrough technologies:

  1. AnyRole Apps – consistent UX, app interoperability, and 10 apps introduced
  2. AnyMode Modeling – you can design freely in any modeling paradigm. You can move data effortlessly between modeling modes. On the roadmap, we see rapid expansion of Direct capabilities, and the ability to change tracking between 2D and 3D modes.
  3. AnyData Adoption – you can easily incorporate data from any CAD system, and reuse data from legacy systems. Creo also offers a multi-CAD product development process. On the roadmap, we look forward to more powerful in-context design and editing tools, and an expansion of variant design capabilities into the multi-CAD environment.
  4. AnyBOM Assembly Technology – this breakthrough technology introduces an intelligent solution for the design and validation of modular products. Creo utilizes Windchill for building and managing configuration logic and product structure. The software also increases productivity by reducing time to deliver product variants. On the roadmap, we see expanded use cases, like configure to order, and more complex, compound configuration logic.

Thompson discussed Creo 2.0, and its improved qualities: workflows, sketched-based features, dynamic, fully attached preview, and improved sketching.  To understand the new software and its qualities, Thompson mentioned the different adoption tools and paths to ease your way into Creo: integrated LearningConnector, CommandSearch tool, and an instructor-led or online training course.

Another topic Thompson explained was Design Agility, which is the ability to make late stage design changes with Creo Flexible Modeling Extension.  He also mentioned various concepts in Creo 2.0.  First, the Creo Options Modeler, which can create and validate modular products faster than ever before, while also reducing errors and rework by directly reusing models, BOM, and business logic.  Creo Layout allows you to create 2D from existing 3D or use 2D layouts to drive 3D.  Creo Layout allows you to quickly explore design alternatives and organize your information in different ways, such as tags, structures, or groups.  Creo Direct enables more 3D CAD users to contribute to the design process.  You also experience faster, more flexible concept and detailed design.  With Creo Direct, you can change tracking with Creo Parametric.

Thompson closed his presentation showing the audience which programs are compatible with Creo 2.0, and which programs Creo 2.0 is certified on.

Stay tuned for the next PlanetPTC Live blog recap from the break out session – Old, Wrong or No Design Intent? No Problem! Creo Parametric Flexible Modeling Extension Can Help!

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  1. Alan Belniak
    Posted Jun 21, 2012 at 10:07 am | Permalink

    Great wrap-up here, Lindsey. I attended this session as well, and blogged about it over in Community. There is certainly some overlap, so if you’re thirsting for more or want comprehensive coverage, you can go read that post (plus get ready access to the roadmap replay):

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