PlanetPTC Live Recap: Mike Campbell Presents Creo 2.0 in Keynote


Time for some more rich Creo content from PlanetPTC Live 2012! Day 2 of the event kicked off with the PTC Corporate Update from president and CEO, Jim Heppelmann, which was followed by the PTC Technology Roadmap. During the Technology Roadmap Mike Campbell, Divisional GM of the CAD segment, updated the audience on PTC’s CAD strategy and the exciting new capabilities that are now available with Creo 2.0.  Keep reading OR watch the presentation for yourself!

First Campbell highlighted three sections that have seen significant improvements in Creo 2.0:

  1. Modular Design: Creo 2.0 has converted overloaded assemblies into modular assembles, which are made up of interchangeable components that are mapped to one another. Modular assemblies avoid the time-consuming overload approach, allowing you to have greater confidence in their designs.
  2. Detailed Design – Many engineers have experienced challenges in working in Multi-CAD environments. Now with Creo, it is easy to geometrically modify with FMX and recognize a pattern, modify it, then use it.
  3. Concept Design – Customers have said they want to get more productive.  With Creo 2.0, you will save time by using multiple approaches. By saving time, Campbell notes this allows for huge productivity gains. Campbell showed a video of a highly-defined washer that took only 15 minutes to create using Freestyle. He stresses how easy it is to grasp the concepts in Creo 2.0.

Campbell also talked about how the work you do in 2D with Creo Layout allows you to easily transition to 3D for detailed design.  Using Creo Parametric, a design manager has the ability to accept and/or reject changes and build on designs like the washer.  “Creo 2.0 is going to make you more productive,” Campbell said.  He supported this statement with a video while explaining that a third party tested the most commonly used functions collectively across all tasks.  This third party found that Creo 2.0 takes 73% less time on common design activities compared to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0.

Campbell discussed how moving to Creo Parametric is simple.  The design data from any release of Pro/ENGINEER loads directly into Creo Parametric, which saves you time.  Lastly, he concludes with where PTC’s Creo is headed.  PTC is continuing to invest heavily in CAD to provide customers with a product advantage.  PTC is working on the User Experience- an interface to provide you with all the tools you need when you need them.  As well as having all the tools you need for working in 2D.

And lastly, he noted that collaboration technologies will allow you to work in real time with the distributed team.  You will be able to see the contributions that all the individuals are making when they are making them in real time.

Stay tuned – next up will be Brian Thompson and the Creo Roadmap!

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