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Moving to Creo Parametric: Where to look for Resources

Need quick access for moving, upgrading, or learning all about Creo 2.0? Or maybe you’ve forgotten where some of those cool links are that you’ve seen in a previous article. Look no further. This is your resource link junction. So if you need a quick break, sit back, eat some lunch, and browse some of […]

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Creo Customer: WAGIC Makes CGT’s Top 9 SMBs List


Just because a company is small, doesn’t mean it can’t make a huge difference. You may remember the What A Great Idea Company (WAGIC) that we showcased last year in July. Since then, WAGIC has risen to rock star status. Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) listed WAGIC as one of nine Standout SMBs (small-to-midsized businesses) that […]

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Creo Community Highlight: Nonlinear functionality in Creo 2

I can’t reiterate enough what  a great group of users Creo has. I wish I had more time to peruse the PlanetPTC Creo Community and read the threads – it’s always an educational experience. Engineers around the world pushing the limits of what’s possible with Creo and helping each other out – well it just […]

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3DCADTips: PTC- The importance of design agility

How do you get “design agility?” PTC is happy to tell you their answer, at As for my answer: It’s complicated. I will tell you what I think a good first step would be: Use tools that can take advantage of the knowledge and data that you have. If that’s too obscure, let me put […]

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Direct Modeling: Why its Popularity is Growing


When history-based, parametric modeling systems hit the market in 1985, it seemed that the product design process would forever be changed. History-based modeling is in principal the idea of modeling something based on the software sequentially rebuilding geometry from a recipe (design intent). Parametric, history-based modelers leverage a history tree to bring control and intelligence […]

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Paul Hamilton: Geometry Simplification Using Direct Modeling

There seems to be a growing need for part and assembly geometry simplification. There are many reasons for this. Many times designers need to simplify a part to prepare it for the meshing process and final analysis. In other cases manufactures are more often now being asked for the 3D models of the products they […]

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Evaluating Creo 1.0? Seriously Consider Creo 2.0

This year, PTC set out to deliver Creo 2.0 with more capability and stability than any release in the past decade. If you’ve been using Creo 1.0, or have thought about purchasing Creo, it’s time to move and consider buying Creo 2.0. Paul Sagar, PTC product management director for Creo highlights his top reasons to […]

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PlanetPTC Live Recap: Brian Thompson’s Creo Roadmap


Brian Thompson, Vice President of Product Management for Creo, led a PlanetPTC Live session on the Creo product roadmap.  You can watch the full presentation here. His agenda consisted of the Creo Strategy, Creo Roadmap Technology Roadmap, and Creo 2.0.  Thompson stated that many roles and technologies contribute to product development.  Each person chooses different […]

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Microsoft Surface: Innovation in Design, Engineering, and Manufacture

With the unveiling on Monday of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet computer, the company is challenging Apple’s iPad – and its own PC hardware partners. The 10.6-inch Surface tablet, boasts covers that double as keyboards and trackpads, taking it beyond today’s tablets. Including the soon-to-launched Windows 8 operating system there’s some remarkable design and engineering evident […]

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Creo Customer: Designing the Ultimate Strollers


The BABYZEN YOYO™ stroller is pure revolution to any parent who’s battled with airport security and a toddler at the same time. Hold, unfold, and bolt… to your gate. The BABYZEN™ brand is the brainchild of French designer Jean-Michel Chaudeurge together with his son Julien. Jean-Michel created both a luxurious and stylish three-wheel stroller that […]

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