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Collaborating Downstream: Leveraging CAD Models in Manufacturing


In today’s manufacturing organization, the 3D CAD model has become the basis of all stages of product development, from the initial design, down to creating assembly instructions and programming the shop floor machines that will ultimately be used to create the physical product.  Many of these phases—engineering, testing, logistics, accounting, sales and marketing, service and […]

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Pro/ENGINEER Users: One Move That Can Double Your Design Productivity

Creo Parametric 2.0 is Here! If we narrowed the new release down to one word, we’d call it speedy. Speedy delivery. Speedy concept design. Speedy assemblies. Speedy apps. Over the next few months, this blog will highlight everything Creo Parametric 2.0 offers you– whether you’re a Product Manager, Designer, Engineer, Analyst, or Tooling Engineer. Create […]

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3dcadtips: PTC announces Creo 2.0, Windchill 10.1, and shake-and-break 1.0

Posted by Evan Yares This week, PTC announced Creo 2.0 and Windchill 10.1. These aren’t big releases in the grand scheme of things, but they are important releases, and show that PTC is working hard to deliver on what it’s promised. Creo 2.0 This release includes fresh and updated releases of the 9 existing Creo […]

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CAD/CAM Performance: Concepting in Creo – Part 2: Modernizing Concept Design

Bill Martin-Otto gives an overview of industry analyst Chad Jackson’s PTC-sponsored ebook around Concept Design: In Part 1 of this series, I wrote about PTC’s global survey on Trends in Concept Design. In Part 2,  I delve into modernizing concept design. If you’ve ever been part of the Friday afternoon fire drill—you know, when the […]

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Creo Customer: Demolition for the Safety-Conscious

It’s like a chainsaw. But it’s not a chainsaw. It’s an Allsaw? Chainsaws are notoriously the most dangerous hand tool you can purchase without a license. In the U.S. they cause over 40,000 injuries a year. But there’s a new saw that should save a few body parts: the Petrol Allsaw, invented by Kevin Inkster […]

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MCADCafe e-Magazine: PTC Releases Creo 2.0


MCADCafe Editor Jeffrey Rowe discusses PTC’s latest release of Creo 2.0 which addresses some of the usability issues and includes new features such as freeform surfacing. Below are a few excerpts from the piece or go to for the full article: PTC announced Creo 2.0, the latest release of its revolutionary new generation of […]

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Unlock Design Productivity with Creo 2.0

Brian Thompson, VP of Product Management for Creo at PTC, introduces the key highlights of Creo 2.0 including short demonstration of new apps, extensions, and key new capabilities for those familiar with Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire. Creo 2.0 helps companies unlock their team’s design productivity by introducing capabilities for modular concept design and new tools to help […]

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Product Design Gets Social


Every manufacturer is clamoring to conceive of the next “big thing,” that one new product that will set their industry on its ear, garner the envy of competitors and send customers rushing to local store shelves. So the question is how do companies generate new ideas for innovative new products? In today’s product development environment, […]

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New Creo App for Modular Product Design

Different roles in the design process require different CAD technologies, and most companies need all of the CAD technologies at some point. When PTC revolutionized the CAD design process with role-based packages (or apps) in 2011, it boosted productivity for everyone from service planners, technical illustrators and industrial designers to engineers who have historically driven […]

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Fireuser: AMD & PTC develop ultra-fast GPU-accelerated 3D transparency mode for Creo Parametric 2.0

Comparison of 3D transparency rendering in PTC Creo Parametric 2.0 vs Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 This video compares PTC Creo Parametric 2.0 to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 for 3D transparency rendering on an AMD FirePro V7900. AMD and PTC developed a new hardware-accelerated transparency feature called Order Independent Transparency (OIT) (See post on ultra-fast GPU-accelerated 3D transparency […]

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