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Creo Customer: Designing the Signature Sound of Car Exhaust

With its resonant rumble and sleek lines, you may have noticed a Corvette next to you at a stoplight. At the stoplight may be the last time you see it. Especially if it’s a Callaway-prepared Corvette that delivers 580 bhp, 510lb-ft torque, and can hit 60mph in just 3.3 seconds. A full Callaway build-out includes […]

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DesktopEngineering: FIRST Robotic Tales: Buchannan Bird Brains Raises a Fish


Want to get a robot named after you? You may want to consider volunteering as a mentor to a FIRST robotic team. Eunice Kokor from FIRST Team 1671 explained the logic behind the name of the team’s fighting spirit, dubbed the Fish. “Each year, we decide to dedicate the robot to someone who has helped […]

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Creo at Hannover Messe 2012


Under the motto: “Driving value throughout the product lifecycle” PTC is offering a wide-ranging program for decision makers in the manufacturing industry at Hannover Messe 2012. We have prepared a comprehensive agenda of workshops and executive meetings to discuss the most critical business processes. Today’s design (CAD) software enables innovation, but it also often creates […]

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New 30-Day Trial of Creo Parametric Now Available


You’re an engineer. You probably took things apart as a kid to figure out the mechanics. You like to know how something works before buy you it. You don’t just kick the tires at the car dealership; you take it around the block (in varying weather conditions on different days with different routes).  We get […]

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Dealing with Late-Stage Design Changes


Dealing with design changes at any stage in the design cycle is an inevitable reality for manufacturers. Having a clear, agreed-upon design specification—based on strong market research, customer requirements and engineering methodologies—can help avoid many errors that might require design changes, but even the most promising and well-thought-out designs can require changes for myriad of […]

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Originally posted on Sushanta Das spent many years working with PTC on the development of Creo Parametric and Creo Direct. Today he works as a senior engineer in the field of industrial design for John Deere. The 28-year old resident of Pune, Maharashtra, India said that the coolest thing he has seen in the […]

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The Consumerization of CAD


Last week, Apple hit a huge milestone, announcing that it had reached 25 billion downloads off its App Store web site. While the term “app” probably wasn’t even considered a word a few years ago, today they are everywhere and they do quite literally everything. Thanks in part to the staggering popularity of Apple’s iPhone […]

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upFront.eZine: PTC Meets With Journalists (Part ii)

Read an interesting interview with PTC staff discussing all things Creo. Here’s an excerpt: “In Creo Parametric 2.0, new drag handles adjust just the related dimensions, and not any linked dimensions; this carries out automatic parametric unlocking. Hold down Alt to select to geometry with which to reference a constraint, such as parallel to an […]

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Maximizing the Benefits of Simulation

Simulation tools can help engineers test models digitally to gain technical insight into how they can optimize new product designs.  Create the CAD model, simulate it, and then input insight gained from simulation results back into the CAD model. Integrating CAD and simulation software seemed like a logical way to incorporate simulation into the mechanical […]

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DesktopEngineering: We Gather Here Today to Reconcile Direct and Parametric


DE’s Kenneth Wong discusses the history and future of direct versus parametric modeling, citing PTC as a “parametric powerhouse” that has developed “lighter, nimbler apps” in Creo for direct modeling capabilities. A few of the Creo highlights from this cover story include: A Break from History without Burning Bridges In remaking its software titles into […]

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