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Modularity Helps Companies offer More Variety at Lower Costs


The challenge for manufacturers who wish to remain competitive today is to conceive, develop, design and produce innovative new products that drive future revenues and mesh perfectly with the needs of users. What makes this even more challenging is they must do so quickly and cost-effectively. After all, coming out with innovative products works only […]

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Creo Customer: Police Robot

In the cage, large, 220-pound robots dual: the first robot throws the other upside down, but the second robot inverts. With a surprise right-hook and a hidden flame thrower, the robot throws its opponent eight feet into the air, slamming it into pieces. In April, thousands will descend upon San Mateo Convention Center for the […]

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Creo Customer: Orphiro, The Electric Harley

Biker gangs and motorcycle enthusiasts might have to start installing sound systems on their motorcycles to reproduce that iconic rumble, because the motorcycle of the future is virtually silent. In November we brought you Alexander Steegh, an entrepreneur whose bold ideas in electric mobility and collaboration with a Dutch design team created a sleek electric […]

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ArnoldIT: PLM Takes the Checkered Flag

“Penske Racing uses Parametric Technology Corporation’s (PTC) Windchill PLM software along with CreoCAD software to help “the team and third-party collaborators work together to manage the engineering process from concept to completion.”  PLM is important to them because ‘Whether work is being done in machine shops, at Penske’s Mooresville, North Carolina, racing facility, or at tracks around the country, […]

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Fostering Innovation Through Better Brainstorming


Successful new products start with innovative ideas. Generating new ideas, however, is often a difficult endeavor for organizations mired in the complexities of product development today. How do you fit in freewheeling brainstorming sessions when more pressing concerns (regulatory compliance, increased competition, demand for increased customization, skyrocketing raw material costs, and shortened design cycles) seem […]

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Design News: Top 6 Design Hardware & Software Trends of 2011

Read about how PTC’s Creo is helping to create a shift in Design Hardware & Software trends. “Rethinking the CAD platform. Some vendors, like PTC, challenged the whole notion of the monolithic CAD application. Earlier this year, PTC introduced Creo, its next-generation CAD platform in the form of interchangeable apps that can be mixed and matched based […]

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Voice of the Customer (VoC) in Product Design

Building a new product can be a great creative process – or a flop. It’s easy to “geek out” on cool functions, details, or designs, losing sight of the customer’s needs. By doing the initial research to understand the Voice of the Customer (VoC)  for any potential product, companies can save headaches, money, and time. […]

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Using Creo: Creating the frame and weights on the Verge and Foliot clock

Today we’d like to feature part 6 of a series of video demonstrations created by Ben Eadie called “Creating the frame and weights on the Verge and Foliot clock“. Eadie uses  Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express to show how you can build different parts of a Verge and Foilot clock. Watch this part of the demonstration and […]

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Desktop Engineering: Creo Direct 1.0, A Brand New Direct Modeler from PTC

“The part modeling environment is quite robust. For operations that require precision, you can use the numeric entry (say, to extrude a profile to 5 inch height). For simple movement of geometry, you can click on the face or feature and drag it to a new position. For greater control, you have the option to […]

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Creo Customer: Fighting Fire with Engineering

What do firefighting, plane de-icing, and nacho chips have in common? Nozzles. From fighting fires to spraying your favorite chips with cheese, nozzle design is essential to the process. However, firefighting presents the most variable factors in nozzle use because water pressure at each fire scene is different. Flames can burn people and equipment if […]

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