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Using Creo: Creo Direct Modeling Express (DME) Tutorial, mirroring, joining, and patterning

Watch a free video of Creo Direct Modeling Express being used to make a clock (part 3).

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Best-in-Class STEM Education at Newton North High School

NNHS Innovation Lab

I received a hot tip that I should interview English-teacher-turned-engineer Steve Chinosi at nearby Newton North High School.  Steve has started up some amazing engineering programs over at NNHS that are receiving national recognition. Being the friendly neighbor that we are, PTC contributes to these programs both monetarily and with free software like Creo.  I […]

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Design News: CAD Resurgence Fueled by Technology

“This younger, more skilled, and more mobile workforce is demanding tools that work the way they do,” Maher says. “One of the biggest, most profound shifts we’re seeing is that the data is traveling with workers to the field, the shop floor, the construction site, etc. That’s long been an ambition — now it’s a […]

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U.S. Manufacturing Not Dead, just Changing

US Manufacturing

To borrow a phrase from Mark Twain, tales of the demise of U.S. manufacturing have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, times have been tough. Yes, the U.S. economy has been stuck in the doldrums of an oppressive, multi-year recession. And, yes, the manufacturing industry, once the foundation of the U.S. economy, has experienced a decline never […]

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MCADCafe: Streamlining Concept Design and Downstream Engineering – Choosing the Right Tools For Successful Workflows

“At the concept stage, using a tool, such as Creo Direct, you can create regular geometry for  3D purposes. In Creo Direct, you can create and edit 3D designs through direct interaction with their geometry. You can make changes to the basic design elements at any point with little impact to the overall design process. […]

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FOX Sports: Every second counts at Penske Racing

“According to Pickett, PTC’s Windchill product lifecycle management(PLM) software helps the team and third-party collaborators work together to manage the engineering process from concept to completion. Whether work is being done in machine shops, at Penske’s Mooresville, North Carolina, racing facility, or at tracks around the country, theweb-based business collaboration software helps Penske Racing manage, […]

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Engineering Students Win Creo Challenge with Modified Torpedo Boat

At the University of Limerick, every year the fourth year Advanced CAD course challenges its students to create a unique model based on a theme. This year’s theme? Land and Sea Based Military Vehicles. Fourteen groups of four or five students teamed up to compete in the 2011 contest, each using Creo as their design […]

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Entertainment, Engineering Style

Engineering Entertainment

For your holiday entertainment, I have compiled some of my favorite Engineering jokes with a riddle thrown in just to keep it interesting. The riddle of eight eights How can you get 1,000 by adding together eight 8s? (answer at the bottom) The Frog A man was crossing the street one day when a frog […]

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Using Creo: Creo Direct Modeling Express (DME) Tutorial, planes and sketches

Watch a tutorial where the authors “tackle a project this month of making a Verge and Foliot clock using Creo elements Direct modeling express. We will cover circular sketch patterns and circular feature patterns to create a crown gear or wheel.” See the full article

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MCADCafe: Concept Design and Cost Management In Early Phase Product Development – A Vital First Step

“PTC’s Creo family of design apps is well-suited for both concept design and detailed design. Creo Sketch is a tool for capturing early concepts in the form of 2D sketches, while Creo Direct is suited for efficiently creating a high-quality 3D model that can be used for a multitude of purposes. In the Creo Direct […]

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