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Creo Customer: Orphiro Brings Cool to the Electric Motorcycle

Orphiro Concept Design

Electric motorcycles have been around for a while, but to be honest, most look like dirt bikes as style takes a backseat to fit and function. Alexander Steegh thought he could do better. That’s why he invented the Orphiro, an electric cruiser that would make Steve McQueen proud.

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Taking a Second Look at 3D CAD


The use of 3D design tools is increasing globally among manufacturers who are trying to stay afloat in today’s increasing competitive markets. Leveraging 3D CAD tools can help them to design better products faster. Despite the obvious advantages to the product development process, there are still a fairly sizable percentage of organizations using mostly 2D […]

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Creo Customer: Parametric Modeling Inspires 21st Century Architecture

For much of the 20th century, large buildings were inspired by the work of modern architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Mies pioneered an minimalist look, with repetitive shapes that were easily mass produced. The German architect is often credited with the phrase “less is more,” and you can see his influence in most high […]

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Prime Magazine: Race to the Top

“Today’s techniques and processes are helping manufacturers to run more simulations, and faster. “A 3D model with relevant simulation software can significantly cut physical testing, sometimes even eliminating it completely,” says John Buchowski, vice president of Creo product management at PTC. “And in some industries, such as large-scale construction equipment of aerospace, simulation is the […]

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Rally the Troops: Getting Your Team Ready for 3D CAD


When an organization makes the decision to implement any new technology, it often requires changes in established procedures, processes, and user behavior. Before implementing 3D CAD for the first time, organizations should map out their current design processes, assess the needs of their engineers, and establish the objectives for transitioning to 3D CAD. After evaluating […]

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Creo Customer: Pland Puts Panache in Men’s Room

As long as you’re flushing water down the drain, why not do it with some panache?  That’s what one Creo customer asked as it designed a new urinal for a men’s room in a high end restaurant. Pland Stainless, a UK manufacturer that specializes in fittings for commercial and home use, created a fixture that […]

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Design News: Slideshow- CAE Goes Mainstream

“Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) have traditionally been the domain of specialists. However, recent advances have radically changed who is diving into simulation and analysis work.  It’s not necessarily that the science behind fluid dynamics or structural integrity has become easier. It’s more that such computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools have become […]

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Unraveling the Complexity of Today’s Products


Nearly every product today, from cars and phones to washing machines, contains some sort of embedded computing technology. Customers are increasingly yearning for technology-enabled products. Smart phones, computing tablets, electronic navigation systems, Wi-Fi-enabled TVs, and a slew of other tech-enabled products offer consumers convenience, portability, and personalization at very reasonable prices, thanks to increased competition […]

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Creo Customer: BioGasol and Better Biofuels

Once upon a time, biofuels were the answer. Remember? We were all going to drive cars fed on cheap ears of corn, breath cleaner air, and declare ourselves free from foreign oil. Unfortunately, our first attempts to sow a renewable-fueled future reaped some unintended consequences. Biofuels created new demand for fuel crops, which raised prices, […]

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Designing from the Outside In: Reverse Engineering

Product design today is largely a digital effort. Paperless design has been something that writers and analysts in the industry have been writing about for years, but the reality is that though designs can be tested, verified and validated digitally, physical parts and prototypes remain a reality for most manufacturers. As a result, capturing data […]

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