Creo Apps and CoCreate

Does Creo Direct signal the death of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling? The answer is no! In this blog, I’d like to recap our strategy for CoCreate customers and users.

Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) is by far the most comprehensive direct modeling solution on the market, used by more than 5,000 companies as their core product development tool. With Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, manufacturers can develop complete products from art-to-part using a single, direct modeling, paradigm.

Creo Direct is a direct modeling app for people who aren’t 3D CAD experts or engineers. In our Creo 1.0 release, this app offers a subset of the Creo Elements/Direct Modeling capabilities. Creo Direct will clearly evolve, but we expect it will take a number of releases before it offers the rich capabilities found in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.

Many existing customers welcome the broader set of capabilities offered by Creo 1.0 (beyond just Creo Direct), and are actively exploring the value the additional apps and technologies provide. In addition, many are evaluating the capabilities of Creo Direct to decide if and when it makes sense to roll-out this app in their environment.

While both products leverage much of the technology around direct modeling, both have clear distinct audiences and will continue to be developed.

In June 2011, we released Creo Elements/Direct 18.0, adding a top-level ribbon UI (compliant with the Creo apps), providing higher levels of interoperability with Creo apps, and new capabilities and enhancements.  John Buchowski introduces the highlights in the video below. At the same time, we also released Creo 1.0, including Creo Direct.

Our roadmap, described in our ebook, Exploring the Evolution of Creo, details how the key Creo apps and Creo Elements/Direct will evolve over the coming years.

To recap, companies who use Creo Elements/Direct Modeling are already using the most comprehensive direct modeling solution on the market. PTC continues to maintain that leadership position, and is investing in both Creo Direct and Creo Elements/Direct Modeling to meet both the current and future needs of our customers.

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