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Creo Customer: Machine Manufacturer Perfects the Spaghetti Noodle

You might not guess it, but that tangle of pasta you ate for supper last night was a design and engineering triumph. Chances are the noodles were uniform in length and diameter, cooked consistently, and appeared all the same color. That kind of perfection doesn’t come easily. Just ask Creo customer Pavan Group. The company […]

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Creo Turns One: An Anniversary Flashback

A year ago, on this very day, PTC first invited the world to “unlock potential” with its new suite of design software, Creo. The announcement stirred excitement among the crowds attending our launch event live and among the many more watching online. The day sparked a lot of questions too. What happens to my data […]

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Creo Turns One: 15 Essential Clicks


Since we unveiled Creo, one year ago today, we’ve posted 400 articles on this web site including announcements, video demos, interviews, free software downloads, customer case studies, industry trends, and training tips. It’s hard to keep up, we know. So, from time to time, we publish lists of just the most essential articles and links […]

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Building a Case for 2D Design


Despite all the best marketing efforts of CAD vendors and compelling articles in the trade media espousing the benefits of 3D design, there are still manufacturers designing products in 2D. You have to look no further than the millions of AutoCAD users still plugging away on the software that is the top seller in the […]

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3D CAD Tips: Analysis [Comsol] linked to CAD [Creo]

“Comsol’s latest update to its flagship multiphysics software Comsol 4.2a includes enhanced LiveLink capability. The new associativity to between Comsol and Creo packages means any changes to a feature in the Creo CAD model automatically updates the geometry in Comsol Multiphysics while retaining physics settings.” Posted by Laura Carrabine Read the full article.

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Creo Customers: The Motor Makers

In this episode of The Product Design Show, you’ll hear about electric motors. How they work. How they’re used. How they challenge their engineers. It’s all pretty technical, but with good graphics. Three Creo customers get a shout out on the show: WEG, Beuhler, and Heinzmann.  All three make electric motors for international markets, all […]

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Onshoring: Legitimate Trend or Wishful Thinking?


Over the past few decades, manufacturers have moved much of their production overseas to factories in lower-cost regions, such as China, Mexico, and India, to reap the benefits of lower wages and materials. Over the past two decades, the U.S. has lost nearly six million manufacturing jobs, while workers employed by U.S.-based companies in low-cost […]

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Creo Apps and CoCreate

Does Creo Direct signal the death of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling? The answer is no! In this blog, I’d like to recap our strategy for CoCreate customers and users. Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) is by far the most comprehensive direct modeling solution on the market, used by more than 5,000 companies as their core product development […]

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Creo, AnyMode Modeling, and the Common Data Model

Is the approach PTC’s taken with the AnyMode Modeling technology, Creo Parametric, Creo Direct and the Common Data Model, the best? We believe so and in this blog, I’d like to recap the strategy, our approach, and also comment on other technology approaches. Traditional CAD systems offer many powerful features for product developers. Too many, […]

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Creo Apps and Pro/ENGINEER

Creo is PTC’s strategy to redefine the way companies design products. Our June 2011 release of Creo 1.0 was our first step along that strategy. Welcomed by customers, users, industry watchers, and many others – finally innovation in CAD was back. Creo 1.0 is a huge step, delivering our first collection of apps, new breakthrough technologies […]

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