Creo Customer: Zenvo Builds World’s First Luxury Supercar

A lot of people dream of owning an expensive sports car. But I think readers of this blog are different. I think many here dream of designing an expensive sports car! Maybe you made sketches or carved models of your dream car in high school. Maybe, for some, that dream led to a career in product design. Maybe that dream is the reason you’re here reading about design software right now!

Creo Parametric user, Troels Vollertsen, took the dream farther. Vollertsen is CTO and co-founder of Zenvo Automotive, a Danish company that has spent the past seven years designing and prototyping just one car–the Zenvo ST1 supercar.

The ST1 has a supercharged V8 and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3 seconds. It reaches speeds of 375 km/h (233 mph), but also runs quieter than any car in its rarefied class.

“If you own a supercar and are driving along in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi and you hit traffic, you need to be able to drive quietly at five km/h too,” says Vollertsen.

Zenvo made sure its car was comfortable and easy to drive as well. (Many supercars are not.) “My mother should be able to get in, and without any instruction, drive the car and totally succeed,” says Vollertsen.

Combine that ease of use with the power of race car and you get the car of Vollertsen’s dreams, the first luxury supercar on the market.

Zenvo plans to make 15 cars available, each with a sticker price of €850,000 ($1,170,000 US).

Image By Zenvo Automotive 

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