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Using Creo: Some Basic Modeling Tricks and Tips

Watch a quick video to see some modeling tricks and tips in Creo Direct Modeling Express!

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Creo Customers: What Goes On in the Dishwasher?

When I go to the kitchen, I see food and chores. Things to eat, things to clean up, things to put away, and so on. For others, however, the kitchen is so much more. It’s a design and engineering wonderland. In this episode of The Product Design Show, Vince and Allison give us an engineer’s […]

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Evan Yares: CAD Usability and Model Deconstruction

“…CoCreate started to introduce intelligent editing capabilities to their direct modeling CAD programs in the mid to late 1980s, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that the game really changed, with a number of CAD programs adding feature-inference on top of direct modeling… PTC, which sells both direct and history-based tools, has major customers […]

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Overcoming the Challenges to Global Design Collaboration


Off shore manufacturing and engineering centers are a reality for today’s manufacturers. Manufacturing organizations undertake global product development efforts for many reasons, aside from the original intent to cut costs. Global product development (GPD), when done efficiently, can accelerate time-to-market, reduce product development costs, maximize productivity, increase product quality, foster innovation, and optimize operational efficiency. […]

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Creo Customer: Designing Away Violent Crime

Some products attract crime–so says researcher R.V. Clarke, Rutgers University. “Many ordinary manufactured products provide the means or the temptation to commit crime,” Clarke writes. Such products, which he calls “criminogenic,” might include cars or credit cards because they’re popular targets for thieves. While many would argue that criminals cause crime, not products, Clarke doesn’t […]

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Creo Customer: Quirky Explained

We’ve talked about Creo Customer Quirky a few times on this blog. We interviewed head engineer John Jacobson last spring at PlanetPTC (before he was famous). We’ve also meditated over the meaning of Quirky in think pieces about crowd sourcing and design democratization. What’s so interesting about this company? Quirky is a social product development […]

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Design Concepts for the Democratized


Design concepts, in general, begin as solutions to some problem. My car is ugly, my chair is uncomfortable, and my computer weighs too much. For a long time, industrial designers along with design engineers solved these problems for us. And if we had enough money, they solved them for us in an especially stylish manner. […]

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Creo Customer: Zenvo Builds World’s First Luxury Supercar

A lot of people dream of owning an expensive sports car. But I think readers of this blog are different. I think many here dream of designing an expensive sports car! Maybe you made sketches or carved models of your dream car in high school. Maybe, for some, that dream led to a career in […]

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Design News: Design Tools Get the Human Touch

“PTC has shown off an early version running on the iPad that sports a “shake and break” interface, exploding a 3D model into separate parts and pulling it back together when shaken. Beyond the “wow factor” of that particular demo, the real significance is what’s possible with a new navigation paradigm to explore models or […]

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New Product Development and IP Protection Via Patents


Successful companies know that bringing innovative new products to market is a key enabler to besting competitors and driving future, sustainable revenue.  They invest countless man-hours and dollars investigating and pursuing innovation in the form of concept models. Companies must be cognizant of mitigating the risks associated with developing and sharing concept models with global […]

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